A requirement for Voluntary Work is that you are willing to do whatever is needed and have a positive attitude.  You could get a paid job through it, whether it be to work for the company you are volunteering for, or to met someone who is hiring.  You will met new friends and make new connections, which will expand your network.

Older volunteers sign up for more hours than younger volunteers.  Voluntary work makes you feel younger and reduces stress.  It lowers the risk of dementia and requires physical energy.  It increases the quality of life and social support.  Volunteering could contribute to a longer, happier life.  It lowers blood pressure because you are moving around.

Voluntary Work can be added to your resume and the skills acquired.  You are exposed to people from different walks of life.  Volunteer work is very satisfying, as you are helping others that are less fortunate than yourself.  It improves communication skills.  You decide when and how much you work, but if you have a schedule, you should stick to it and if you can’t show up, call to let them know so someone else can work your time slot.   

Consistent socializing is better for brain function and also lowers risk for depression and anxiety.  Volunteering gives you feelings of self worth, it enhances all six aspects of well being.  It helps you forget about your problems because you are not thinking about yourself, you are thinking about the people you are helping.  

Voluntary Work allows you to meet people who have the some of the same interests as you.  You could discover that you are on the wrong career path.  Volunteering increases your vitality and gives you a sense of purpose.  It is a fun way to met new people.  It boosts self esteem and confidence.  By adding voluntary work to your resume, it shows that you are willing to give your own time to improve the world for other people.