If a person is looking to give back to others and organizations in need they can volunteer their time. This will help them work for a good cause and give back to others in need. These are some of the top reasons why a person should look into volunteering. Dugnad russ
                Mental Health 
                When a person is helping others they will get many benefits out of this situation. One of the biggest is an improvement in mental health.  Volunteering is a chance to get out of the home and be social. Helping others replaces negative emotions in the brain and replaces them with positive ones. This is also the chance to connect with others in need. 
                Build Skills 
                When a person is volunteering they are learning all types of different skills. They are also working with a diverse population and are increasing their personal experiences. Some of these skills a person will even be able to put on their resume. There are also some real-world experiences to gain that cannot be taught in a class. Dopapir dugnad
                Big Impact 
                When a person is volunteering they will make an impact. They may not have a huge impact on the entire world but they will be able to do some good for their community. Even if they make a difference in the life of one person it is worth it. https://dugnadsdeal.no/
                Support a Cause 
                Everyone has something that they believe in and that they want to support. Volunteering will allow a person to get involved in this cause and help make changes. This can be anything that a person is passionate about. Some people love to save animals while others want to work for the empowerment of women. https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugnad
                These are some things that can benefit a person when they volunteer. They are not only helping others they gaining valuable skills at the same time.