Top 10 Best SENSEN Struts Review 2021: In-depth Details with User Guides

Struts are a fundamental part of every vehicle’s suspension, and this SENSEN struts review will help you select a compatible one. The most popular brand SENSEN, known for its quality products and long-lasting ability, makes these struts quite popular among vehicle owners.

All the struts of different vehicles have different features but serve the same primary purpose. Quality struts help in maintaining the vehicle height and supports in carrying its weight. By reducing the impact of bounces and bumps, they provide a relaxed riding experience.

Drivers, too, get enhanced control of the steering wheel, making it easier to take turns. Below is a list of quite a few popular SENSEN struts with their respective features, pros, and cons.

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The 10 Best SENSEN Struts Review 2021

We recommend you to go through each one of them to understand their characteristics better. Without much delay, let us get started.

01. SENSEN 2900 Front or Rear Struts Compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee


If you feel something is wrong with the wheel’s alignment, ensure to check the struts. Although they are a part of the suspension system, they are also responsible for the vehicle’s alignment. If you own a 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee, this set from SENSEN will fit in it appropriately.

Apart from their well-known brand, the quality of these struts is better than other locally manufactured ones. We are sure these will assist you to achieve the correct alignment while also letting you attach the coil spring.

The standard quality of these struts will last longer while ensuring a better riding experience every time you drive. Further, they do not require frequent maintenance, thus, reducing any extra costs.

Since they provide enough space for mounting the coil spring, the lift of the vehicle remains stable. Long-lasting struts also ensure that the wheels are secure and enable you to drive comfortably without the worry of sudden misfires.

Once the installation is complete, you can quickly feel the difference while driving or riding in the passenger seat. Secondly, the vehicle neither feels like bouncing nor does it ride too low.

Its performance remains stable for a long time and feels like it just came out from the showroom.

If you are aware of installing shocks in a vehicle, installing struts will come to you naturally. But, if you are not confident enough of its installation, it is always better to seek professional help. Improper fitting will lead to further complications in alignment.


  • Powder-coated exterior ensures weather resistance
  • Ideal replacement for older vehicles
  • It gives the feel of a new car
  • Cost-efficient with sturdy construction


  • Loses compression faster

02. SENSEN 2270 High-Quality Front or Rear Struts


If you own an SUV and often travel through uneven or rocky paths, regular maintenance of your vehicle is essential. One integral part that often people miss out on checking is the wear in struts that supports the coil springs.

Damage in struts often leads to life-threatening accidents due to sudden collisions with other vehicles. For vehicles like Dakota, these pairs of struts are easily replaceable and will fit appropriately without any further modifications.

Old vehicles often tend to slide on one side while taking turns on roads. Disbalance in the lift or misalignment of wheels can often be the reason behind it.

Replacing the struts with is set and balancing the lifts will give a feel of a new ride. After installation, you can instantly feel the difference while driving the next time.

Replacing the struts will naturally give a lift to the SUV as it supports the vehicle’s suspension. By returning the height to its standard height, the vehicle will not rub against the road surface while in motion.

As a result, both riding and driving quality will enhance, ensuring that the vehicle will remain like a new one for a long time.

Powder coating in these SENSEN struts makes them durable, and its polished finish retains the body color. Besides, they are resistant to scratches and do not wear off easily.

Multiple coating layers make it challenging, and there are no changes if you continue driving through rough areas.


  • Does not require extra boots
  • Can resist impact 
  • Easy to install 
  • The smooth functioning of the vehicle


  • It makes noise after sometime

03. SENSEN 10060-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Compatible with Toyota 4Runner


Well-known for its standard quality materials, SENSEN is one company that offers reliable struts at affordable prices. If you own a midsize SUV like Toyota 4Runner and often travel through off-roads, ensure replacing the worn struts with these.

Even though the car is competent enough to travel through rough surfaces, durable struts are responsible for this feature. Any damage in them may lead the wheel to break down suddenly amidst driving. Such incidents can result in fatal collisions.

SENSEN 10060 is a complete set for the front wheels.

Due to the high-quality materials and solid body, these struts prevent the SUV from leaning to one while taking turns. Instead of just ignoring the lean, make sure to replace the struts so that the suspension does not hamper.

Since these struts consist of the coil spring, the wheels mount on it properly and provide each wheel the required structural support. Next time while you drive the car, the strut moves as you attempt to take a turn.

Since these are sturdy, the vehicle’s weight remains stagnant on them and ensures its stability.

If you have the basic idea of the vehicle’s component, attaching these struts will not be severe. But if you find it difficult, there are various online videos for reference. After proper installation, you can feel the driving difference right then.

Driving through a bumpy road feels less bouncy, and the riding experience is relatively smooth than before. Besides, there is no annoying noise while turning.


  • Readily absorbs vibration during bumps
  • Wheels remain on the surface
  • Perfect fitting on the front side
  • It lasts longer and is durable


  • Rear struts not available

04. SENSEN 100670-FS-SS Front Strut Assembly Compatible with Honda Pilot


For vehicles like the Honda Pilot, which is competent enough to deliver good mileage, can carry around eight people with a hefty amount of cargo. However, to enable it to offer fewer bounces in a bumpy road, ensure to check the struts before traveling.

Usually, struts of these midsize SUVs require regular checking to avoid unnecessary pressure on the wheels. If there are any changes required, you can choose these struts from SENSEN, which are ideal for Honda Pilot.

However, this pair is suitable for the replacement of the front struts only.

Since this pair includes all the necessary components of the strut assembly, there is no requirement of investing them separately. Besides, all of these parts are essential for perfect fitting and overall performance.

Quality materials of these struts provide the necessary performance and do not lead us down. But it is also vital to install them correctly, or else they may not perform to their full potential.

Travelling off-road frequently becomes easier after installing these struts as they yield satisfactory results. Moreover, the installation procedure is convenient if you have minimal knowledge about the various automotive mechanisms.

Both of these struts are side-specific, i.e., for the passenger side and the other for the driver’s side. Ensure to follow the numbering while fixing.

The solid material of these struts gives long-lasting performance and does not require frequent replacements. Powder-coating makes sure that it won’t wear off quickly and prevents damages from extreme conditions like heavy rainfall and corrosion.


  • No spring compressing tools are required
  • Ideal for reusing
  • It gives a brand-new feel
  • Requires low maintenance 


  • Driver’s side strut requires modification

05. SENSEN 100530-FS-SS Primum Quality Front Complete Strut Assembly


For complete replacement of the front-side struts, this pair from SENSEN is an ideal option for those owning Nissan Altima. All the models from 2007 to 2013 can accommodate them.

Ignoring damaged struts causes the wheels to flatten sooner than their potential time of lasting. Thus, to save your tires from unwanted damage, ensure that the struts are capable enough to carry the vehicle’s weight.

Secondly, these struts are long-lasting and do not require frequent maintenance. Its affordable range as per quality and easy installation techniques makes it one of the most sought-after units for Honda Altima.

As these struts are suitable for even and uneven road surfaces, there is nothing to worry about any damages while in off-roads. By supporting the suspension system, they also help in making smooth turns.

Riding quality also improves as there are minimal vibration and fewer bounces, which indicates that the pressure on wheels is low.

Neither the driver nor the passengers complain about screeching noise, which otherwise is evidence of bad struts. The absence of any irregularities ensures that their struts are reliable and will last longer.

Moreover, replacing them at the right time will prevent damaging the vehicle’s suspension. Multiple layers of coating on these struts make them withstand every condition, from heavy rainfall to extreme heat.

Thus, they are suitable for all seasons and do not require seasonal replacements.

Since all the components are available in the package, no need to assemble the spring and mount them separately. With minimal installation knowledge, fixing these struts will be manageable for every driver.


  • The smooth functioning of the vehicle
  • More control on the steering
  • Powder-coated exterior ensures durability
  • Safe to use with maximum stability


  • Doesn’t include nuts and bolts

06. SENSEN 2940-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Compatible with Jeep Liberty


SENSEN is a big name for its automotive solutions, and its struts for Jeep Liberty are steady and robust. Since struts are an integral part of every vehicle’s suspension system, maintaining them is vital for optimal performance.

All necessary nuts and bolts accompany both the front struts, and you will not need additional accessories. But make sure you rely on someone professional in fixing these struts. Although they are durable, improper installation will damage the wheels in the long run.

Both of these front struts have a reliable built for holding the fluid and are well-designed for a long-lasting execution. Coil springs mounted on them make it convenient for any user, as it does not require further assembly.

These coils are rigid enough to carry the weight of vehicles like Jeep. As a result, the suspension also remains stable, giving the driver a positive feel while driving.

As the damping unit is already present inside the long cylindrical tube, there is no further lubrication. SENSEN struts prevent friction and do not cause the wheels to fail while moving through bumpy roads.

However, if you feel it, you can externally lubricate it by lifting the gasket with a screwdriver.

After installing the struts, turning the steering is much smooth and easy, especially while taking turns. You will have more control over the Jeep than it was with the worn-out struts. Since these struts will not let you down, you can rely on them for their efficiency.

If the Jeep is a few years old, you can feel the smoothness just like a new one.


  • Look enhancing struts
  • Powder-coated and water-proof
  • Can withstand extreme seasonal conditions
  • Resistant to heat and cold


  • Requires right-side alignment

07. SENSEN 100470-fs-ss Easy Installation Front Complete Strut Assembly


With a powerful engine and positive reviews, Toyota Sienna is a reliable and user-friendly vehicle for those who prefer technology with attractive looks. However, if you are a frequent traveler through off-roads, ensure to check the struts regularly.

Damage in struts affects tires, the transmission system, and finally, the engine, which can incur considerable repairs costs. You can depend on these struts to reduce pressure on the transmission.

The engine will function effectively as the struts will deliver its performance by aligning the suspension.

The anti-corrosive layer and quality construction of these SENSEN struts are appropriate for replacing your Toyota Sienna’s original struts. However, it will suit all the models from 2004 to 2010.

Both the struts have solid springs, which minimizes the effect of bounces and also absorbs shocks. The competency of these shocks enables them to support the weight of the vehicle.

If you know the essential automobile parts and their placements, fixing these struts will not be severe. Ensure to mount them on the top of the chassis of the front suspension. However, some nuts and bolts are already available in the package.

While driving through rough terrain, these struts are capable of maintaining the suspension of the Jeep. Increasing acceleration does not disbalance the steering; neither does it allow the driver to lose control.

No weird noises come out while applying brakes, and the Jeep slowly comes to rest, avoiding any accidents otherwise.


  • Long-lasting and durable outcome
  • Suits both AWD and FWD
  • It perfectly fits the front-side
  • Installation is easy and quick


  • No extra hardware is available

08. SENSEN 105370-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Compatible with Acura TL


Other SENSEN struts that deserve a place in this list are the ones compatible with Acura TL. Since it is a vehicle specialized for heavy touring in almost any kind of location, its maintenance is crucial.

One important part that often people miss out on is the struts. Although they are supportive of the suspension of the vehicle, they receive very little maintenance. If you are worried about finding a suitable match for the worn struts, you are in the right place.

SENSEN struts are appropriate for heavy-duty use and do not disappoint while in use.

The presence of a strong piston rod with quite a large diameter ensures that it will act smoothly. Further, the powder-coating makes sure that it will not rust. Most of the struts’ weight concentrates in the piston, capable of carrying the entire vehicle’s weight.

Since the effect of damage is the same on both the struts, both must replace simultaneously. Both of them have coil springs built to last and accurately maintain the height of the vehicle.

Further, the height is the same after long hours of work and supports well to keep the vehicle aligned.

Although the piston contains a hydraulic liquid inside it, for its smooth movement, there are no leakages yet. Further, there is a sealing process applied to the top of it to prevent such instances.


  • Stable and safe ride
  • Fits both left and right
  • Standard quality construction
  • A simple and straightforward structure


  • Professional installation is better

09. SENSEN 100160-FS-SS Premium and Smooth Front Complete Strut Assembly


Since SENSEN provides a lot of vehicle control equipment, one product that you can trust is its struts. With modern-day technology and advanced processes, these struts are capable of their required services.

High-grade nuts and bolts, which are a part of the package, secure the struts in their place, i.e., above the chassis. These nuts also help to support the struts to perform well while the vehicle is in motion.

Besides, if you own a Mazda, they will suit perfectly and any other model from 2004 to 2012. Both these struts are for the front side and completely assembled to ensure that we do not have to stress this part.

A damaged strut does not let control over the steering wheel, which can be quite dangerous amidst traffic. Replacing them with these struts will give more power and authority while taking turns and applying brakes.

With their smooth functioning, the driving quality will improve organically.

Using these best shock struts gives the vehicle a raise in its height and maintains the suspension for a long duration. These can also carry the weight of the vehicle quite well and do not break down easily.

Furthermore, no leakage in the pistons is another reason you must look out for.

The use of spring ensures that the struts do not contact any other adjacent parts, especially the fuel line and the brakes. Thus, there are no noises, which otherwise is quite annoying while driving.


  • High-quality, durable steel
  • Long-lasting powder coating
  • Dust and heat resistant
  • Comfortable ride after proper installation


  • Expert’s advice required during installation

10. SENSEN 10035-SS Front-rear Assembled Struts Compatible with Honda Civic


To maintain the smoothness of diving and economical fuel consumption in a Honda Civic, it is essential to look at the functioning of the struts. Most vehicles’ functions disrupt because people ignore replacing damaged struts.

This often leads to flattened tires, even if they are not very old, apart from fatal accidents. One option that you can look out for for a while replacing the original struts are the ones from SENSEN.

Their quality materials themselves speak for themselves and improve the riding quality to feel like a new one.

Replacements in struts call for a change in all four of them, two at the front and the other two at the rear end. While you replace the front side simultaneously, you can change the rear side struts, too, as all of them tend to wear at the same time.

This is because they underwent similar effects and conditions and will thus incur similar damage. Wear in one will gradually follow the others.

All four of them have their respective nuts and bolts attached with them, and you will just have to install them at the right place. If you are unaware of its installation, get help from a professional instead of improper fittings.

Although the connecting accessories are included in the package, it is better to keep some of the additional ones handy.

These struts keep the vehicle under control while moving through uneven patches like bumps, speed breakers, potholes, hilly areas, etc. By resisting the impact of the bounces, they give enough comfort to the passengers.

The driver also does not lose his authority over the steering wheel and keeps the vehicle stable to the maximum extent.


  • All the parts are durable
  • High-quality bolts and springs
  • No extra costs are involved
  • Meets optimal performance scale


  • Installation is challenging for inexperienced


Final Verdict about SENSEN Struts Review

As we conclude, we hope to give you a brief but detailed idea of what to look for while purchasing the next set of struts. SENSEN being a well-known automotive solution brand manufactures reliable and durable struts for all vehicles.

However, ensure to choose the one that is compatible with your car or else the fittings will not be perfect. Improper installation will not serve the primary purposes and will end up damaging the engine in the long run.

A quality pair of struts will help the driver to have significant control on the steering wheel, and the vehicle will be stable in uneven paths. By lowering the bumps and bounces’ impact, the struts ensure a better riding quality in your car.

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