Top 10 Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty Review 2021 with Buying Guides

Have you ever considered the numerous benefits that well-made shock absorbers can bring to your vehicle?

The best shocks for f350 super duty bring much more to the table than just offering you a smooth and stable ride.

For all those who want their F350 truck’s brake mechanism and the steering to function at its full potential, the following list of shock absorbers for F350 is the perfect solution. 

At certain times, especially during camping seasons, people would like to go camping with their friends by driving on rough roads with their towing travel trailers, which is an utmost joy for them.

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Best Shocks for F350 Dually for the Money

Top 10 Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty Reviews

What they don’t want, though, is a break in their rhythm of the journey due to the bumpers and uneven surfaces of the road causing too many jerks to you, thereby misbalancing your ride. 

More specifically, this is where these best shocks come into the picture, helping to stabilize your vehicle on the rough roads, preventing the jerks, and making your ride smoother.

01. Rough Country N3 Improves Control and Handling Dual Shock Absorbers


The N3 Stabilizer is designed to offer excellent control and stability to your vehicle while you are driving. Such a shock absorber is the best thing to have in a truck, especially when one is driving on uneven roads, and it helps to avoid bumps, thereby retaining balance.

With this stabilizer, you will have no problems handling your vehicle perfectly. Such a shock absorber comes with stabilizer cylinders that are useful to absorb vibrations and enable a driver to have stable control of the vehicle and ensure smooth driving.

An N3 Premium shock comes with ten-stage variable valving (nitrogen-charged), which is another major reason you get a vibration-free comfortable ride.

Another key feature of this stabilizer is that it can absorb vibrations; thereby, reducing wear and tear that can occur between the tie rod and the ball joint. Therefore, it enables to enhance the longevity of tires, the steering components, and ball joints.

One other aspect of the N3 stabilizer is that it has a 54 mm shock body (rugged) and has an 18 mm chromium hardened piston rod.

Such a stabilizer is available with the hardware necessary to mount it and also comes with additional brackets. Moreover, its easy bolt-on installation doesn’t require any cutting, drilling, welding, etc., which is why it will be an effortless job for you to install.

A Rough N3 stabilizer is manufactured to fit into any JK Jeep Wrangler (2007-2018 models) with a lift ranging from 2 to 6 inches.


  • Helps in better control and handling
  • Helps in reducing bump steer
  • Prevents wear and tear between the tie rod and ball joint
  • Easy to install
  • 18 mm chromium-made hardened piston rod 
  • Offers lift from 2 to 6 inches


  • Might need additional bolts

02. Bilstein 5100 Shock Boots Included Monotube Gas Shock Set


Because of the presence of such an excellent set of shock absorbers, you will not only ride smoothly on your F350 truck, but such shocks will also make sure the stability of your vehicle is functioning optimally, and so is the brake system.

With Blistein Monotube, you’ll be guaranteed an enhanced performance of your truck.

One of the excellent features of this shock absorber is the monotube body because it assists in the quick transfer of heat between the shock body and the oil. Besides, the tube design also assists in further distribution of heat to forestall shock fade. 

No more worries for you regarding bad shocks; instead, you can now have a smooth and secure drive. Whenever there are signs of unevenness, the chances are that the tires have run or run out of their service life.

However, with these Blistein shocks, the chances of wear and tear of tires are reduced considerably, and your tires can continue to have a firm grip on the road. 

No question can be raised about the quality and durability of these Bilstein shock absorbers. They are one of the top shocks available in the market, which can maintain a high-quality performance of over 100 K miles.

You will get the necessary nuts, washers, bushings, but not the bolts to mount along with this shock absorber. You’ll have the bolts already present in your truck that holds the existing stock.

A complete set of Bilstein shock absorbers include four shocks, which are appropriate for a four-wheel drive with a 2-inch front lift and up to one-inch back lift. 


  • Heat transfer is excellent
  • Ideal for four-wheel-drives
  • Offers high-quality performance for over 100 K miles
  • Comes with necessary nuts, washers, bushings, etc
  • Ideal for uneven and rough roads 


  • Don’t have an additional set of mounting bolts

03. Rough Country N3 Easy Bolt-On Installation Dual Steering Stabilizer


As always, you get excellent control of your vehicle with the heavy-duty N3 dual steering stabilizer from the Rough Country brand.

There is none better shock absorber than this one, especially when you consider driving through rough road conditions, and it helps you avoid bumps and retain your balance. 

 An N3 stabilizer allows you to control your vehicle without any hiccups whatsoever efficiently.

Such shocks can absorb vibration effectively since they have stabilizer cylinders, and it helps a driver maintain stable control over their vehicle, thereby enabling driving smoothly.

Therefore, as it can vibrate, it helps reduce wear and tear between the tie rod and the ball joint. Hence, your tires’ service life, steering components, and ball joints’ service life will be enhanced.

In this way, the overall performance of your vehicle is also upgraded.

Another significant feature of this N3 stabilizer is that it comes with an 18 mm chromium-made hardened piston rod and has a 54 mm shock body (rugged).

Such an enhanced design is also a major reason why it’s an idea for an f350 truck.

With these N3 Rough Country shocks, you will get all the required hardware for installation, and it’s also available with additional brackets.

Besides, its simple bolt-on installation doesn’t need any drilling, cutting, bolting, etc. Therefore, the installation job becomes that much easier.


The structure of an N3 stabilizer enables it to fit into any JK Jeep Wrangler (2007-2018 models), and its lift ranges from 2 to 6 inches.


  • One of the best shocks for handling and control
  • Enables to reduce bum steer
  • Reduces wear and tear between the tie rod and ball joint
  • Installation is easy
  • Chromium-made 18 mm hardened piston rod
  • Lifts range from 2 to 6 inches  


  • Controlling can be better

04. Southwest 4600 New Bilstein Front and Rear Shocks for 05-13 Ford F


In regards to premium shock absorbers, the Bilstein 4600 series is comparable to none. The set consists of two front and two back shocks, which keeps an F350 truck stable and helps make long rides comfortable.

When the suspension travels faster or slower, the hydraulic fluid within the shocks slows down and makes the piston run fast, which affects the motion (of suspension) positively.

Thus, your vehicle’s performance is enhanced, and you’ll have a comfortable journey.

One of the best features of this truck is its capability to adjust to any road conditions, which is why one doesn’t need to worry about traveling irrespective of whatever is the road’s situation.

With these Bilstein shocks, you get better control of your vehicle than some other alternate options.

Because of such control, it helps to keep not only your cargo and kids safe even if you are traveling mile after mile without losing stability at any point in time whatsoever. 

An upgraded design of the 4600 shocks helps the vehicle to glide over any type of road surface that you may face while driving, ensuring you are in control of the steering wheel at all times.

Such dampers are quite reasonable in terms of cost and are the ideal material to enhance any truck’s longevity on the road in today’s age.

Therefore, these are ideal shocks for any super-duty vehicle.


  • High-quality dampers which assist in enhancing a vehicle’s longevity
  • Offers control on any road conditions
  • Comes with two front and rear sets of shocks to maintain balance
  • The upgraded design offers superior control
  • Contains drain holes to avoid stagnant water
  • Compatible with all F-250, F-350, and other vans, SUV’s with similar brands


  • The shock boots are found at the base

05. Bilstein 5100 Designed for 4WD Vehicles Monotube Gas Shock Set


Bilstein 5100 series are one of the best shock absorbers available today for on-road trucks and SUVs. If you face issues with bump rides while traveling on uneven roads, then these shocks are a way to go.

One of these shocks’ primary features is that they come with zinc-coating, which is very useful in preventing rust. A major issue that arises is the rusted parts when a buyer opts for third-party hardware.

However, with high-quality Bilstein shocks, there are no such worries. 

With such premium shocks, you get an improved performance from your vehicle and the ideal drive irrespective of the road conditions.

Such shocks, due to their premium quality design, don’t allow your tires to wear easily. Hence, your tires will go long without giving your worries about replacement.

Therefore, it enables your vehicle to have a firm grip on the road for as many miles as you drive.

Quality and durability are what every SUV driver demands from their shocks, and the Bilstein shocks won’t disappoint you in this regard either.

One of the major reasons they are the top shock absorbers in the market is because they can maintain high-quality performance for over 100 K miles.

A set of Bilstein shocks comes with all the necessary parts like nuts, bushings, washers, clamps, etc., which makes it a complete package. 

With a complete set of Bilstein shocks, you get two front and two back shock absorbers. Herein, you get a lift (2-inch front) and a 1-inch backlift, which will help your vehicle to tackle the dirty roads, wet patches, hilly tracks all the same. 


  • Prevents rust
  • Quality shocks that offer durability
  • Safeguards against jerking due to cracks, bumps, etc.
  • Zinc-plated monotube design


  • It might require lubricating frequently

06. Rancho RS9000XL High-Quality Adj Shock Set Compatible with 2005-2016 Ford F250 F350


One other best premium quality shock absorber available in the market is the Rancho RS9000XL brand. Rancho is one of the leading producers of vehicle hardware globally, and they are reputed for making the first five-way adjustable shock absorber in the world.

A major reason why the RS9000XL is a premium quality shock is that they enable your vehicle to adjust on any road. Such shocks help your vehicle to make adjustments according to damping conditions and the level of rebound.

Therefore, you get improved performance from your vehicle.

Because of this product’s quality, they are durable against any wear and tear no matter whatever conditions they encounter, which is why you have a longer service life for your vehicle.

Alongside a smooth ride, you also get a satisfactory quality of paint, boot, etc. 

Since these shock absorbers have a larger diameter, they can offer you quite a firm grip on the road and a stable riding experience.

Hence, it is all the more reason why you would need an RS9000XL for your SUVs. To adjust the valve responsiveness, these shocks come with an adjusting knob.

When you tow a trailer or carry heavy loads in your SUVs or trucks, you can adjust the level with the knob so that you can get a much smoother quality of ride even though you have an empty vehicle, set up your rear shocks to three and front one to five to do the job perfectly.  

An RS9000XL has a quality shock absorbing feature, which is why it’s possible to maintain an ideal stopping distance without suddenly pushing the brakes on and the risk of the tumbling of your SUV.

Therefore, you have effective control over your truck. 


  • Premium quality hydraulic system
  • Excellent capacity to tow
  • Shock responses can be adjusted manually
  • Larger diameter


  • Installation can be a little difficult

07. Rancho RS5000 Protective Boot Included Shocks 05-14


Whenever you think of getting a comfortable ride on those bumpy roads with shock absorbers, this RS5000 is your one-stop solution.

With the premium quality product from Rancho, you’ll be able to maintain effective control and stability on your vehicle while driving through challenging roads.

Such a shock absorber has protective boots, which help enhance its service life to considerable proportions. Such a feature makes these shocks one of the most remarkable ones for your SUV and undoubtedly worth buying for your truck.

With these shocks, you get ten-step valves (velocity-sensitive). Therefore, it will help you get a very smooth ride with the efficient ride as its efficient piston travel control helps your vehicle adjust smoothly to any road conditions. 

Such valves will help you adjust to shock responsiveness and maintain the vehicle’s stability on uneven roads. Not only has that, but these absorbers also ensure that you have no trouble driving with heavy loads with towing trailers.

The shocks’ quality ensures that they have a longer service life and therefore, you can have improved your truck’s performance for more extended periods.

Whether you are using your truck for commuting daily or carrying heavy loads (as mentioned above), there will be no compromise on your vehicle’s performance whatsoever.

Such shocks are ideal for your vehicle as it safeguards your truck’s tires against wear and tear that may be caused due to bumps or cracks on uneven roads.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about tire replacement at all. With these shocks, your vehicle tires can enjoy a longer service life.


  • Comes with ten-stage velocity-sensitive valves
  • Consists of protective shock boots
  • Protects against wear and tear
  • Enables manual controlling through adjustable valves
  • Compatible with all F-250, F-350 trucks with 0.1” lift  


  • Can be costly

08. Fox 2.0 Shock Boots & Roost Shields Sold Separately Performance Shock Set


Fox performance shock absorbers are one of the leaders of the pack as far as branded shocks are concerned.

Such shocks are upgraded to offer you efficient performance from your vehicle and ensure that you get a smooth ride in any challenging road conditions. Fox 2.0 is highly regarded today by numerous SUV drivers.

One of the biggest aspects that make this shock absorber an excellent one for your vehicle is its durability. Such shocks can give you an enduring performance even if you drive over 100 K miles.

As these are premium quality products, hence they are truly durable.

Damping control is another feature in these shocks, ensuring you get a smooth on-road drive and can handle off-road conditions even in the most adverse situations.

Therefore, it’s all the more reason why fox 2.0 is a reputed brand in the market today.

Fox 2.0 comes with an aluminum body (metal-impact), which enhances its capability of cooling and makes sure that it will never be affected by rust, which again means that the shocks will have an enhanced service life and will continue to give an efficient performance.

One incredible feature is the mono-tube design which helps segregate the shock oil from the nitrogen gas chamber (high-pressure).

Because of this IFP, there is no oil aeration, and hence it enables a highly efficient performance from its precision valves (factory-tuned). With Fox 2.0, you get all the necessary components like the nuts, bushings, washers, etc., which means no additional hardware is necessary for installing it in your vehicle.

Such shock absorbers come as a package with all these components.


  • Durable premium shocks can run over 100 K miles
  • Internal Floating Piston Mono-tube design
  • Application-specific valving
  • Rust prevention
  • Damping control


  • Protective boots are not available

09. Skyjacker B8591/B8560 High-Quality Front and Rear Black MAX Shock Absorbers


Skyjacker’s premium quality shock absorbers ensure that one always has a comfortable ride irrespective of the road conditions.

It has an efficient vibration absorption system, which is why a driver can always avoid awkward jerks from cracks and potholes on the road.

With such high-quality shocks, there is no danger of your vehicle off-balancing or tumbling on uneven and incredibly muddy roads.

Such absorbers will help you stabilize your vehicle and prevent it from rolling over, especially when there is a sharp turn; therefore, you can enjoy a joyful ride without worrying about these things.

Another key feature of this shock is its durability, which is why they offer you an enhanced performance with longer service life.

Therefore, whenever you search for durability and quality shocks in the market, there are not many better than these B8591/B8560 shocks. 

One other major advantage of these shocks is that since they help expand your vehicle tires’ longevity by reducing wear and tear.

The lesser wear and tear vehicle tires will have, the more will be its service life, and thereby, it will continue to give an efficient performance with every ride.

A significant feature of these Skyjacker shocks is that it comes with a mono-tube design.

Because of such a design, it helps the shocks to react as shock responsive material and also plays a significant role in optimizing its performance.

Compatibility is a crucial factor to consider when you are looking for a shock absorber, and the Skyjacker shocks won’t disappoint you in this regard either.

Such shocks are ideal to go with your F-350, F-250, and all other super-duty vehicle brands.


  • Premium quality and durable
  • Mono-tube design
  • Lessens wear and tear
  • Compatible with F-350, F-250, and other super duty trucks


  • Can be a little challenging during installation

10. Fox 2.0 Designed for 4WD Vehicles Performance Series Shocks Set


Who doesn’t know these remarkable series of Fox shock absorbers, which are highly efficient to offer your vehicle much-needed stability and control over uneven roads?

Over the years, such shock has been recommended by numerous SUV drivers and continues to be one of the most demanded ones in the market.

Talking about durability, these shocks scores way over their average counterparts. You won’t have any complaints with such shocks, even if you have driven over 100 K miles.

One of the major advantages of having a high-quality shock absorber is the durability factor. In this Fox 2.0, there is a metal-impact aluminum-coated body, which enhances its cooling capacity and protects it against rust.

Hence, you will be assured of longer service life and efficient vehicle performance for many years to come.

Another essential feature of such shocks is that they have damping control, which is why your vehicle can handle any challenging road conditions, particularly the muggy streets where there is a high possibility of a vehicle slipping due to mud holes.

With the damping control feature, one can efficiently control their vehicle through these streets.  

A Fox 2.0 washer set comes with a set of four, which means you get two front and two rear absorbers. Also, it enables a lift up 1.5-inches at the front and 1-inch at the back for better towing.

With a Fox 2.0 series of shock absorbers, you get every required component, such as the bushings, nuts, washers, etc. There is no need to buy any such additional hardware from outside.

All these accessories come to you as an entire package to help you in installation.


  • Quality and durable
  • Rust prevention
  • Damping control
  • Enhanced performance even over 100 K miles


  • Doesn’t come with protective boots

Buying Considerations for the Best Shocks for Ford F350

Although you have had some idea about what types of shocks are available in the market, you must analyze the features you’ll want to have in your shocks.

To put in simple words, what ideal features your shock absorber should have to give you supreme control while going camping or anyways commuting through uneven roads.

So, let’s have a quick look at some of the essential aspects:

Truck Models

Obviously, this is the most important thing first-up. Whenever you choose to buy any shock absorber, you must ascertain whether this one is compatible with your truck or not. 

Although most of the best shocks for f350 super duty are compatible with all F-250, F-350, SUVs, and trucks, however, checking the specifications in detail will go a long way in helping you to select which stocks to buy for your vehicle.


Keep in mind that if a shock absorbs can’t handle the difficulties of a challenging road, such as unevenness, cracks (preventing the jerks arising from it), there is no point in spending a significant amount of money to buy that. 

Once you choose a heavy-duty shock, it will give you immense benefits such as speeding on the dirt-filled, patchy (muddy) roads without any risk of your vehicle hitting an invisible pothole or a crack and tumbling over.

A premium-quality shock absorber will always help to maintain the stability of your vehicle.


One very popular design in today’s world as far as the shocks are concerned is the mono-tube design.

A major reason for it is that such a design helps in effective and speedy heat transfer as these absorbers transform the kinetic energy from the suspension movement and then transform it into heat (thermal energy).

However, remember that the capability of transferring heat for the shocks you are buying should be of supreme quality so that you get maximum output from them.

Types of Shocks

You’ll get to find different types of shocks in the market, which have their own benefits and features. One such shock is the strutted ones, which are packed together into sealed units and are definitely repairable.

The other types of shock are the spring ones, and it comes together with a damper and a suspension unit. A premium quality shock will always ensure that they decrease the vibration that you may feel in the steering wheel while driving. 

A few other features that you can look for in your shocks are delayed stopping distance, preventing the rattling of front wheels, don’t allow for a loose front end, and so on.

Gas shocks

Such shocks are available as common shocks which you will come on your vehicle. Gas shocks are nitrogen-made, and inside its oil-sealed, it helps to have a smooth ride. 

One major benefit of these shocks is that they last longer than those regular ones, and also, they are good enough to take on the bumping that smaller cars can experience on the road.

Level-control shocks (automatic)

One other type of shock is the automatic level-control, one having an air siphon that enacts for leveling out the distribution of weight in the vehicle and usually can be found luxurious.

When there is a vehicle full of passengers or any other additional weight, driving with them causes the air siphon to add pressure to the shocks to make up for the additional heap. 

Air shocks

Such shocks are more of a manual type, though they are somewhat similar to the automatic shocks in a way that the air the driver must add air to the shocks for dampening the drive.

Overload shocks

Otherwise called the coil-over shocks, these overload socks come with a spring fitted around the outside of the shock’s cylinder. That specific coil assists the vehicles off-road; for example, rock climbers and hill carriages solidify the shock’s reflex activity. 

There is a wide range of styles of shocks available today, and ensuring you buy the right kind for your particular need is significant.

Therefore, to do so, appropriate research on specific brands is vital, which is the next point of discussion. 

A Reputed Brand

Choosing a reputed brand of shock absorbers is always the key to ensure you get a smooth and efficient performance. As you check online, you’ll find numerous manufacturers claiming that they have the best products. 

Here your research comes into play; you need to understand what are the features you are ideally looking for and whether the shock absorbers you want to buy are good enough to satisfy your needs.

Checking their past records, customer reviews, etc., should help.


Comparing the prices of different shock absorbers is very necessary so that you don’t end up paying too much for some not-too-costly product.

Therefore, along with the specs, thoroughly compare the prices of different products to get the correct deal.

Common Questions about the Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty

Let’s take a look at the most commonly asked questions on the best shocks for f350 super duty

Q. How can you figure out that your shocks have turned awfully bad?

Ans: If you carry your truck to a stop and the forward part turns or plunges discernibly, then the factory shocks have probably exhausted.

Besides, expanded or deferred halting distances after hitting the brake is either the consequence of damaged brake cushions or terrible shocks. 

Q. If I get new shocks, will it guarantee a smooth ride?

Ans: Newer shocks with a proper fitting will offer you a much smoother ride. A shaky ride, the slow reaction in the cogwheels, and brakes won’t exist at all if you put in new and viable shock absorbers.

Though, the performance shocks with flexible valves (velocity-sensitive) are best for rough roads. 

Q: Does a shock absorber extend on its own?

Ans: It’s possible to compress the unit fully and enable the rod to stretch all on its own. Such a thing won’t take more than forty-five seconds on any unit where there is a gas’s normal pressure.

However, if the pressure is low, then it might take up to 2 minutes.

Once a unit extends in these time intervals, you can consider it is operating at its fullest capacity. Remember that a non-gas unit can’t be extended.    

Q: Would I be able to supplant shocks myself?

Ans: Replacing the shocks isn’t an issue if you try it on your own. As the present-day shocks are mounted with equipment, there is no need for you to require any additional equipment except some simple hand apparatuses to install the shocks without any problems whatsoever.

Numerous shock sets are available with their own nuts, bushings, wrenches, washers, etc. While you buy a shock, make sure if the one you’re buying has these necessary accessories available within the package. 

Q: How to ensure I have a smooth ride in my F350?

 Ans: If you have been encountering shaking, superfluous rolling, and sliding on your F350, it’s essential that you check the brake cushions, suspension, and shocks to check whether everything is set up. 

If the shocks seem exhausted or spilling oil, make sure that you are buying a decent shock and perceive how remarkably better the riding quality you will experience. 

No way will you have any issues with towing trailers, conveying burdens, or driving on uneven roads if your F350 has premium quality shocks.

Q: What is the longevity of F350 shocks?

Ans: Newer shocks for your F350 can undoubtedly ensure 100k miles and more if you handled them appropriately and provided you are buying a high-quality material.

Shocks-lubrication and rust checking are two maintenance tasks you’ll need to accomplish so that you don’t have to buy shocks in the following four to five years.

As the shocks, struts, and comparative car parts are best supplanted in pairs, buying the top-notch ones will be productive in the future years to come. 

Q. Do shocks turn out to be bad due to excessive sitting?

Ans: Shocks may not go bad sitting; however, they may go bad if sitting idle (unused). Those shocks, which are K bike shocks, are known to be gas-charged shocks, and if there is a leakage and the gas is released, it won’t function appropriately. 

You can take off one spring for doing a check, and the shock should stretch itself without a spring.

Q. What kind of noise do you get from a bad strut?

Ans: According to several drivers, sounds like rattling, banging, or even clucking sounds indicate bad struts. Usually, you’ll get to hear those sounds when you are driving on uneven roads like potholes, bumps, cracks, etc.   

Q. Is an alignment necessary after the replacement of rear shocks?

Ans: Changing a rear shock won’t need alignment; however, changing a front strut would require an alignment, as a few might say.

However, though it’s not needed, it’s recommended that you replace either both front shocks together or back ones (in a pair).

Q. Is it necessary to buy an expensive shock?

Ans: One reason to buy expensive shocks is that they are quality ones. Those shocks can offer you much better control on off-road driving and have better longevity, too, compared to those average ones.

You don’t want to be left stranded on the road with heavy loads with a broken-down vehicle due to poor shocks.

Q. Is buying reservoir shocks recommended?

Ans: FOR those SUV owners who want lesser built-up of pressure, the lesser wearing of components, and longevity, buying reservoir shocks are always the ideal option.

Buying reservoir shocks will ensure you have a smooth and enriched performance of your vehicle with more extended periods in the future, thus offering you a smooth, secured, and enjoyable ride every time.   


Therefore, it’s quite evident that these Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty go a long way in safeguarding your vehicle’s security.

A very cautious approach is necessary to ensure you don’t get yourself a product which only lasts for, say, a few months. We always consider the price factor because, obviously, we have to keep an eye on our pockets.

However, there is no way that one should compromise quality over price.  An SUV owner’s best interest is to get a premium quality shock absorber that helps to enhance your vehicle’s service life over the long run.

Hence, it’s always recommended that you do your online research on some reputed online shops to know what kind of shocks you’d ideally like to buy for your vehicle.

Some of the product reviews mentioned here are about the latest model of shock absorbers in the market.

However, for your satisfaction (and buying decision, obviously!), you can check a few other brands to have an overview of these products.

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