Top 10 Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd Review 2021

For maintaining the contact of tires with the road’s surface, ensure that you have the best shocks for dodge ram 1500 2wd.

If you are an ardent traveler, a regular examination of the shocks and suspension system is necessary. Since installation is not complicated, you can do it all by yourself.

However, if you are not sure about the process, get professional help for maintaining safety. Shocks help maintain the overall functionality of the vehicle and are thus vital for regular and safe functioning.

Selecting the best one may seem a tough job and will need a lot of thinking. We are glad to help you through this process by reviewing some of the best shocks for the dodge ram 1500.

Best Shocks for Ram 1500: Users Choice

The 10 Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd Review 2021

For further convenience, there is a section on buying considerations and frequently asked questions. Without any further delay, let’s get started and explore the various features of a shock absorber.

01. Mac Auto Parts 132539 Front and Rear Shock Shocks Absorber Dodge Ram

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


On experiencing oil leakage from the suspension shaft, ensure to check the shocks for regaining smooth ride. Both front and rear shocks are efficient to absorb vibration while moving across the bumpy road.

A durable shock keeps the tires safe and long-lasting and assists the suspension system function better and longer.

To ensure that the Dodge Ram 1500 2wd moves effortlessly on a rocky surface, this shock absorber helps control the impact. Thus, keeping the springs and suspension secure.

Most importantly, one can notice the changes in smooth driving once the older ones are replaced.

Hence, providing the driving a stress-free driving experience along with.

While driving, every individual must ensure safety as the utmost priority. For tires to remain in contact with the road after pressure on their surface due to uneven surfaces, this shock absorber is apt.

Along with reducing vibrations, it also helps to maintain the contact of tires with the road.

As a result, both the driver and other passengers on the dodge ram remain safe, secure, and protected while crossing through mountainous areas.

If you are a pro in fixing vehicular equipment, you can select a new shock absorber with some basic installation skills. Make sure there are basic installation tools at your disposal.

However, if you have no idea about repairing vehicles, please take professional help for a secure fit.

Once the fitting is complete, drive for an optimal distance and check its functioning ability.


  • Quick and efficient in responding
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • No complicated installation
  • Leak-proof piston and gas chamber


  • No additional basic fixing tools

02. TRQ 1500 2WD Front & Rear Strut Shock Absorber Kit Set

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


While on a highway trip, if you are facing instability with your Dodge Ram 1500, examining the shocks and suspension system is necessary. Defects in the suspension system may tilt the vehicle to one side; thus, an immediate inspection ensures safety.

With this absorber kit and protection to the driver, it will also keep the tires’ functioning well-maintained.  

After the shock installation, the tires always are on the ground both during movement or when parked. Thus, during motion, it prevents excess bump or vibration while driving and ensures better comport to all other accompaniments.

Also, during movement, it generates heat smoothly but distributes it uniformly into the atmosphere. As a result, it keeps the motor mechanism in control and prevents excess heating.

Whether you are driving along a smooth surface or an uneven road, the shock will adjust automatically. The piston in the shock will allow only little oil to pass through to slow down the movement.

The slowing of the orifice results in the slowing of the suspension and the shock absorbers.

For stabilizing the Dodge’s body, the shock will minimize the motion of the spring. You can feel a significant amount of difference the next time you drive.

However, ensure that the fitting is firm enough to assist the shocker in performing efficiently.

It would help if you also moved for a minimal distance to improve its functioning after exchanging the old shocker with the new one from TRQ.


  • Four shockers in a pack
  • Nuts and bolts included
  • Moves in a synchronized manner
  • Connects rigidly on the vehicle


  • Requires time to adjust

03. SENSEN 5010 High Quality Front or Rear Struts Compatible with 1994-2001 Dodge Ram

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


Hard brakes are frequently used while driving in extreme conditions, which creates many bumps and vibrations on the Dodge Ram. Thus, resulting in an uncomfortable journey throughout.

If the vehicle tends to dive in the front portion, it signifies the brakes are not properly operating.

To reduce the impact on the brakes and tires, install Sensen Shockers, which help minimize the suspension’s wear and tear.

For smooth driving of heavy vehicles, the tires must remain in contact with the road’s surface. Sensen Shocks, once adjusted, increases the resistance power and instantly stops applying brakes.

While the suspension system continues moving upward and downward, the oil reaches the orifice very slowly.

As a result, the Dodge Ram movement slows down and lets it automatically adjust with the smoothness of the surface.

Total shock is well-made, providing the user a long-time opportunity until purchasing the new one. Thus, after buying and installing the shocker, you can instantly start using the vehicle without the worry of wear and tear.

With its well-structured design and compatibility, it is providing long-term usage.

Due to continuous usage of the vehicle, the overall height lowers, which often damages the mechanism. Sensen shocks to complement the lifts attached and increases the size in total.

Thus, enhancing the vehicle’s overall look while reducing the impact on the tires during long trips.  


  • Compatible with other equipment
  • Certified and standard shocks
  • Adjusts with roads automatically.
  • Reduces bumps and increases conveyance


  • Requires around 4 hours of installation

04. Bilstein 24-186063 Package Dimensions Front Shock for Dodge Ram 2500 2WD, Yellow

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


Shocks are necessary equipment in vehicles like Dodge Ram and avoid the car and its tires from sudden vibrations. Frequent movement across uneven roads tends to reduce the contact of the tires with the road surface.

Shocks improve this condition by maintaining the connection and ensuring safety for both drivers and fellow passengers.

Bilstein shocks are appropriate and fit securely in a Dodge Ram 1500 2wd and feature air cylinders to release the hot air. Due to the presence of the spring valves and orifices, there is more control over the vehicle’s movement.

Hence, there is more authority on the Dodge, especially in rocky areas. By providing a feel of cushion to the cars, it protects them from impacts and bumps.

Since shocks lift the heavy-duty vehicles’ height, it enhances the riding quality for both the driver and passengers. Handling and controlling the vehicle is more manageable after the installation of Bilstein shocks.

By reducing the movement of the suspension system, these shocks also minimize the oscillations of the spring. Thus, reducing the impact of the tires in a difficult pathway.

By absorbing excess energy from the spring, it reduces the effect from the springs. Hence makes the springs work better by reducing damage.

Other than dissipating the released energy all over, the vehicle’s motor also performs efficiently and allows fresh fuel to come in.

Reducing the bouncing of the wheels is possible if you can tune the shocks until the required resistance.


  • Stores and distributes energy
  • Dissipates and reduces vibration
  • Does not require fuel refilling
  • Single-tube or monotube design


  • Long hours of installation

05. Daystar, 2″ Replacement Lift Front Shock Absorber Dodge Ram

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


Shocks are perfect for absorbing excess heat and energy from the springs. By keeping the functioning of the vehicle stable, these shocks initiate a smoother ride.

After proper installation of wonders, the vehicle performs perfectly, similar to the functioning during its purchase.

If you realize that the alignment of the tires or the titling of the vehicle, check the shock absorber at the earliest.

Once you finalize your vehicle model with the shock absorber, there is no further tuning or adjustment requirement. With its perfect fitting, the performance of the vehicle enhances along with the motor functioning.

On either side, wheels stay in close contact with the pathway and reduce the vehicle’s impact while crossing rocky terrain.

Although replacement is possible, one shock absorber tends to produce a long-lasting effect on the vehicle. While ordering from daystar, only a single shocker is available.

Thus, you will need multiple shockers. Although the replacement is not tough to install, it is quite time-consuming.

If you are a pro, there will be less time involvement rather than a beginner.

For those using their vehicle continuously, this shocker will be apt in terms of durability and sturdiness. The thickness of this shocker is more long-lasting and keeps the interior cool.

By lowering the internal pressure of the vehicle, it leads to efficient performance for a long time.


  • Prevents oil leakage from the shaft
  • Reduces bounce on the vehicle
  • Improves driving quality
  • Ideal while traveling off-road


  • Maintenance is necessary

06. Detroit Axle – 4pc Guaranteed Fit and Function Front & Rear Shock Absorber Dodge Ram

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


Along with its effective price and instant shipping procedure, the Detriot Axle absorber is competent and has other vehicle parts. Since it is America’s manufacturing, it is appropriate to rely on its efficiency.

Once installed, a driver can instantly start driving to check if there are any knock rules. Because of its quality materials, the components of the shocker are durable and long-lasting. 

Due to its secure fit and support to the tires, the dodge ram with the Detroit Axle shockers is useful if you are a frequent driver over rocky surfaces.

It is ideal for any road type, be it rocky or plain areas, and improve the riding quality. By increasing the vehicle’s height, the user gets a detailed view of the front and the rear side.

If you prefer doing the installations by yourself, fixing the Detroit Axle shockers is convenient. Although you will require some effort and time, ensure that the fittings are secure enough.

Moreover, the package contains required securing bolts, and thus you will not have to purchase them separately.

Calibration of Detroit Axle shock helps to withstand the heavyweight of Dodge Ram 1500 2wd without any pressure on the adjacent equipment.

Being an essential part of the suspension system, it limits the movement during bumpy rides. It also restricts it from rolling during steep turns along the way.


  • Improves vehicle handling
  • Comfort and quality like original
  • Compatible with other specifications
  • Quality and long-lasting materials


  • Do not dissipate heat uniformly

07. TRQ Shock Absorbers High Quality Front & Rear Kit Set Dodge Ram

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


On experiencing an increased impact while driving over bumps and rocky surfaces, disbalance or wear or shocks may be the reason. If you are thinking of upgrading the shocks or replacing it with a better version, the ones from TRQ are reliable.

One single pack contains four shock absorbers, two each for the rear and front. Since each of them arrives in different cardboard boxes, the chances of damage are minimal. 

By initiating hydraulic pressure on the oil pump, these shocks absorb the vibration when they pass through uneven areas. As a result, this pressure keeps the tires touch the ground rather than lifting it.

By assisting the suspension mechanism, it also helps in taking up the weight and reducing vibration to a great extent.  

One can easily adjust the settings manually as per the road you will be traveling in the upcoming trip. Thus, the control lies in the driver’s hand, giving him the full authority of the ride.

Along with a pleasant ride, one can secure the suspension and provide maximum longevity to the shocker when required.

By controlling the energy and converting it into heat, these shockers help keep the surroundings clean rather than increasing the temperature. Later, this heat releases into the air.

These shocks act as a cushion to the vehicle and protect it from heat and continuous bumps.

Keeping the tires in contact with the surface at any point provides a pleasant ride to the driver and other passengers.


  • Provides maximum grip
  • Assists in using brakes instantly.
  • Prevents rolling while taking turns
  • Does not compromise with smooth driving


  • No additional tools with shocks

08. Detroit Axle Direct Replacement Front Shock Absorber Set

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


While using the accelerator, there are instances when the front-end dives in, and damage in shocks is the primary reason behind it. Shocks act as a supporting device to the suspension system, especially those belonging to the Detroit Axle.

Adding upgraded shocks will have extra benefits and serve better while driving through rocky terrains.

Since the shocks provide efficiency and wide functionality, the materials that make up the shock absorbers are of top quality. Without any complaints and frequent extensive usage, they are still performing well.

Along with supporting the vehicle’s weight, it also keeps the tires in contact with the ground.

Next time you ride your Dodge Ram 1500 2WD, the difference is distinct in driving quality and experience. Quality materials last longer; however, frequent maintenance and examination are necessary for ensuring overall safety.

By limiting the vehicle’s spring motion, the shocks tend to minimize the vibration that occurs while moving through bumps, potholes, or any other rocky surfaces.

Frequent and excessive vibration damage the functioning of the motor and the suspension.

Shocks, on the other hand, support the vehicle by minimizing the vibration. Hence the tires remain in contact with the road and prevent accidents.

While taking turns, with the assistance of a new shocker, the vehicle’s braking mechanism is more instant and functional. Instead of leaning while turning, it remains straight and also keeps the passengers secure.

Thus, shock absorbers also act as protective equipment by providing an immediate response.


  • Improves vehicle’s overall maintenance
  • Height enhancer of the vehicle
  • Easy installation
  • Basic connecting accessories included.


  • Wrench and jacks not included

09. Bodeman Ready for Installation 2PC Replacement Rear Shock Absorber Set

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd


Weird noises are quite common in vehicles once they pass the initial years of purchase. As the shocks start wearing, they require immediate repair or replacement to ensure efficient functioning.

Bodeman’s shocks are appropriate for the purpose, and after installation, the unusual noises will no longer persist. However, there can be other reasons for the same, but the damaged shock is one.

One of Bodeman’s shock absorber’s specific features is that it perfectly fits the rear side of the vehicle. Since the package contains two pieces, one works on the driver’s side while the other on the passenger’s side.

Next time you ride the vehicle with the replaced shock, there will be a vast difference n the driving quality. Also, there will be simultaneously minimal or no weird noises.

If you are a professional or experienced in installing accessories in the vehicle, the shock fixing procedure will be easy. But those who do not know the basic installation skills must consult an expert regarding the same.

Separate connecting accessories accompany the two shocks while you receive the package. No extra assembling is necessary other than the actual installation in its stipulated space.

Any technical fault in the vehicle disrupts the natural driving skills as most of the concentration falls into the defects.

If the primary reason for disturbance is the shock absorber, replacing it with the Bodeman’s will be fruitful. Along with enhancing driving skills, the driver himself will feel satisfied and relaxed. 


  • Sturdy, lightweight, and durable
  • Top-quality materials
  • Improves passenger’s riding experience
  • Prevents rolling while taking turns


  • No driving tools included

Buying Considerations Of Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500

A shock absorber is a multipurpose and essential accessory that assists and ensures smooth functioning. Since there is an availability of different shocks, selecting the best shocks for dodge ram 1500 2wd is a challenging task.

To ease this process, below mentioned are some factors that you must consider while purchasing a shock. Besides helping you analyze, this list will also provide a clear idea of what to look for in the shock.


Affordability is a crucial factor for every individual before purchasing a product. Price decodes whether the product is suitable and affordable by the purchaser.

Furthermore, he also checks whether the price is as per the number of shocks. Although there are a lot of varieties, their price range also differs from each other.

But pre-deciding on a budget will help in sorting out the unnecessary ones. Thus, an account will help you analyze only those shocks which are convenient as per affordability.

Moreover, one can also avail of the various deals and discounts that the seller offers at frequent intervals. As per our recommendation, we suggest that one purchase a quality product even if the price is a bit higher.

The quality of the material or the shock will decide its durability and functioning ability in the long run.


While selecting a shock absorber for your Dodge Ram 1500 2wd, check the package’s size and model number. Every shock has its specifications mentioned in the details, which will help find whether it is compatible with the vehicle.

In case the shock is smaller in size, it will remain loose and will not impact the suspension. There can be leakage or may open up while bumping on the road.

Likewise, a longer shock will not fit in and may require some cutting, which will no longer maintain its efficiency. 

Thus, ensure to purchase the exact size as per the model and serial number.

Automatic Adjustment

While selecting the best shocks for dodge ram 1500 2wd, ensure that it adjusts automatically.

Although manual adjusting shocks are also efficient enough, automatically adjusting shocks are more convenient. These can modify the changes and control as per the roughness of the road.

Thus, there will be no requirement to make changes every time you plan to travel through rocky terrain. 


Ensure that the shock is easy to install and does not require any prior assembling. Most of the seller provides pre-assembled shocks, and no other attachments are necessary.

However, you will need some basic toolset like a drilling or driving machine or a wrench and jack to tighten the shock after connecting.

If you are a professional or interested in fixing all the necessary tools and equipment, you may do it yourself. Simultaneously, others may ask an expert or an experienced one to do the installation for you.


The chosen shock for your dodge ram should be safe and protected in terms of material and mechanism.

Ensure that its manufacturing process follows all safety methods, standards, and protocols. Along with its accurate size, checking if the piston is working well is also necessary.

Also, ensure there is no leakage or damage in the outer covering of the shock absorber.


While choosing a shock absorber, make sure that it is versatile and multi-functional. Most of these come with basic connecting accessories like nuts and bolts for a convenient installation.

Although no other tools or equipment accompany, basic accessories ensure that they are compatible with the shock.

Thus, you will not have to search for the exact size, or no other extra purchase is necessary. As per your requirement, select the number of shocks.

Some are only single in number, while others are either in a set of 2 or a group of 4.

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd- Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do know that the shocks are failing?

Ans: On experiencing frequent oil leakage from the shock absorber will indicate damage in its body. If the vehicle continues bumping all along, even if the surface has minimal bumps, check if the shocks need a replacement.

Other checking criteria of a damaged shock will increase weird noises while driving, unable to take the load, tilts on one side, no seeing the rear side, etc. Even if the reason may b something else, the primary cause is usually the shock absorber’s damage.

You will face more bumps in the road, lowering the vehicle height, and ultimately n uncomfortable driving and riding experience.

Q: What is the primary benefit of connecting a shock absorber to a Dodge Ram?

Ans: As far as the basic use of a shock absorber is concerned, it supports the tires to maintain contact with the ground or road’s surface. Also, it acts as a supporting system for the suspension mechanism of the vehicle.

Likewise, a shock absorber minimizes the impact of jerks that occurs while moving across potholes, bumps, rocky terrain, etc. An efficient shock absorber helps in experiencing a satisfactory driving experience for the driver.

It also improves the passengers’ riding quality and prevents the vehicle from tilting while taking turns on the road.

Q: Is a shock absorber a suspension system?

Ans: No, the shock absorber is not entirely a suspension system but supports in its mechanism. Shocks are a complementary addition that helps the suspension system to act accordingly.

Thus, whenever you feel the ride is not comfortable, check the shocks for damage or wear.

Vehicle handling is much easier if it consists of a well-functioning shock. It helps minimize the effects of traveling while moving across mountainous areas or heavily damaged roads.

Shocks limit the movement of the suspension and provide it a firm grip on the brakes. By reducing the oscillations, it prevents damage to the parts placed underneath the vehicle.

Q: Are the best shocks for dodge ram 1500 2wd expensive?

Ans: Quality shocks may cost a bit higher but assures overall efficiency. However, some sellers deal with a competitive price to make it affordable for all.

Although there are many different types of shocks, their price differs from one another. Similarly, not all costly items are suitable.

Thus, depending on a budget will help in choosing the right shock for your Dodge Ram.

Q: How to install a shock in a Dodge Ram?

Ans: Since shocks do not usually require any complicated assembling, the installation will require some effort and time. Once you locate the existing shock, use a tire iron to loosen up the nuts.

When all the mounts are loose, the shock will drop from the bottom.

Similarly, fix up the new shock with nuts and a wrench. Do not overtighten the shock, or else it will lead to wear earlier than expected.  

Q: Does installing a new shock disrupt the alignment of the vehicle?

Ans: Depending on the suspension’s efficiency, your vehicle will require alignment after installing a new shock.

Since both of them relate to the wheels’ functioning and smooth running, any changes will impact the alignment. Moreover, after every new installation, it is better to align the vehicle to be on the safer side. 

Q: What is the purpose of designing a shock absorber?

Ans: The design and idea of structuring a shock absorber reduce bounces while moving through uneven surfaces. Also, it prevents the vehicle from rolling when it tends to dive in from the rear end.

An efficient shock also supports the instant brake and acceleration mechanism of the vehicle. 

Q: How long do these shocks last?

Ans: Most of these shocks provide uninterrupted service until 50k miles. However, it also depends on the kind of maintenance you assure for the vehicle.

Final Verdict

We hope all your queries regarding the best shocks for dodge ram 1500 2wd are clear with the above reviews and discussion. While purchasing it, the essential criterion is compatibility with the vehicle, thus ensuring that it is of the same model number.

Remember to keep your Dodge Ram well-maintained and check the shock’s functioning before starting for a trip. Choose a quality shock above the cheap ones so that it lasts longer and prevents frequent damage.

Keep a close check on the functioning or unusual noises in the vehicle while driving and examine the basic parts at the earliest.

Traveling in a well-maintained and secured vehicle will ensure safety to the driver and fellow passengers. An efficient shock will help in experiencing a quality ride both for the driver and other passengers.

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