The 10 Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger with User Guides & FAQs

Here it is possible to find the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger. Replacing these parts is always necessary every few miles.

So, the following options analyzed can make this task easier for you.

Beyond that, today there is a wide variety of shock absorbers according to their type and compatibility. So, it can easily be a bit overwhelming when you are a novice driver.

Also, worn-out shock absorbers can greatly impair the level of driving and control of the vehicle. For anyone to avoid wasting money on the wrong choices, here are the best shocks.

Best Shocks for Ford Ranger: User’s Choice

Top 10 Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger 4×4 Review 2021

So let’s take a look at the best features of the top 10 most popular shocks for Ford Ranger. Once you install the best shocks, it’s easy to notice the difference from day one.

01. Monroe 58620 Adjust Shock Absorber

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


One of the parts that can guarantee a smooth reaction of the rod and reduce friction is this shock absorber. Here, users and experts who work with a Ford Ranger use this part as a primary replacement.

Thus, special modifiers are highly fluid for all types of weather. Of course, this is a big advantage when transporting heavy loads.

In principle, you will notice that this valve automatically adjusts to the ends of the road. This is useful since a Ford Ranger has a very high center of gravity.

Of course, the adjustment is always the right one. So, here the driver can obtain a high level of driving and consistency in all types of trucks.

Another high-quality feature is the fluorine band that has been incorporated into this piece. So, this means more control of the vehicle when working with the Ford Ranger.

As if that weren’t enough, the uniform seal between the pressure tube and the piston is the most appropriate to extend the life of this component. It’s simply a great replacement part for your vehicle.

You will be able to incorporate these parts into a Ford Ranger, as well as into various towing vehicles. So, these parts provide excellent ride height for additional control when you need it most.

Both the design of these shocks and the materials used are of excellent quality. That’s why you’ll easily notice the long life here.


  • Excellent durability
  • Reduces friction
  • Greater control of the vehicle


  • Normal load capacity

02. Monroe 58654 Adjust Shock Absorber

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


In this case, we can mention another piece that can be adapted to different climatic conditions. Here too, special modifiers have been incorporated alongside the typical design of this manufacturer.

This means that the smooth reaction of the rod is highly appreciated by drivers of a Ford Ranger. Besides, friction is also significantly reduced for a better result.

One of the best qualities of this shock absorber is the fully automatic adjustment that occurs on the road. This is specifically due to the valve that is completely offset.

This is why drivers will be able to obtain a high level of driving on all types of terrain and difficult surfaces.

You may notice that when using these shocks on a Ford Ranger the road consistency is higher. Of course, this is an excellent advantage when it comes to transporting heavy cargo with a vehicle for it.

However, here too, a fluorine band is incorporated that provides a uniform seal between the pressure tube and the piston.

In general, the person who incorporates this shock absorber into a PickUp vehicle notices that the service life is long. In principle, the fluon banded piston not only provides greater ride control.

Additionally, the durability of this part also exceeds the life of other competitive components. This is why it is highly probable that users will decide to apply 4 of these shock absorbers to the same vehicle.


  • Optimal durability
  • Reduced friction
  • Greater control of the vehicle


  • Limited compatibility

03. Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop Replacement Shock

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


Among the most affordable options on the market is this high-performance shock absorber. In particular, drivers who fit this shock absorber to a Ford Ranger truck may notice the first day’s result.

Of course, the load capacity with this type of vehicle is much more formidable. Plus, drivers can enjoy a more pleasant drive.

One of the most important aspects of this unit is the non-cavitation valve train design. In this way, this component can prevent air from reducing efficiency.

Anyone can notice this when analyzing the exterior design of this shock absorber. This is why it is a shock absorber prepared to face a wide variety of situations.

Of all the shock absorbers out there, this option provides an assured fit for the Ford Ranger. In particular, it is a high-pressure shock absorber that adapts to different levels of use.

This component is powered by nitrogen gas as only the best parts can do. Therefore, the functionality and results are very different compared to other shock absorbers.

On one hand, the metal dust guard is fully covered for durability and longevity. In turn, this can also provide a much more efficient and clean operating environment.

Alternately, the entire construction of this unit provides additional comfort as well as superior control and performance. So, when it comes to carrying heavy loads these best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger can be a big help.


  • Fully covered structure
  • Clean and efficient operating environment
  • High-quality construction


  • No increase in load capacity

04. Maxorber Replacement Shocks & Struts for Ranger

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


Another component that can be highly effective and widely compatible is this particular shock absorber. Here every user will notice that it is a very competent shock absorber when purchased in quadrants.

Many users replace the four Ford Ranger shocks for a more symmetrical result.

Here you will notice that this shock absorber provides greater stability and control of the vehicle at all times. This can be very useful when the Ford Ranger is loaded with heavy cargo.

In particular, this shock absorber is fully loaded with nitrogen gas. This is why the functionality is superior as well as the structure has an innovative design.

On the one hand, those made of oil offer extensive durability along with operation without high-pitched noise. In turn, this rigid damping provides power that is well suited for tourists or people who work with your vehicle.

Here, people with a Ford Ranger from 2001 to 2011 will be able to incorporate these parts. However, the compatibility of these shocks also covers other vehicles.

As we have mentioned, this shock absorber is perfect for various types of situations. Even different weather conditions will not be a problem for these parts.

So, the rust protection prevents rainwater from deteriorating this piece. In other words, the level of driving that each person gets is far superior and enjoyable on the road and difficult paths.


  • Shock absorbers with excellent design
  • Greater control of the vehicle
  • Rust protection


  • Available for some Ford Rangers

05. SENSEN 7742 Front & Rear Struts for Ford Ranger

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


For anyone who has a Ford Ranger with a four-wheel drive and model from 1990 to 1997, this option is excellent. In this case, the front and rear struts are compatible with these vehicles.

In turn, compatibility may extend to another pickup truck on the market. However, this is not the only advantage of incorporating this part.

First of all, it is necessary to consider that these complete parts can provide a better result with the Ford Ranger. So, if a component replacement should be made on this vehicle, these parts will provide the best result.

When transporting heavy loads, these struts prevent the driver from having to deal with a difficult driving situation.

All the necessary accessories and components have been incorporated here for installation. This is why it is very easy to notice the high quality and durability that these props can offer.

Of course, this is a great feature that can provide you with a long life. So, a superior drive will not only be available for a short period.

By the time you replace the four parts of the vehicle in question, you will notice that the driving is superior. Here your Ford Ranger can provide better adaptability to different conditions.

Even if the terrain is uneven off-road, the Ford Ranger can still be adapted with the help of these components. So it may simply be the best replacement.


  • Complete replacement kit
  • Covered and efficient design
  • Greater control of the vehicle


  • No rust protection

06. Detroit Axle Front and Rear Shocks For Ford Ranger

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


Here we can analyze these Ford Ranger 2-wheel drive compatible shocks from 1998 to 2011. In this case, they are shock absorbers that fit vehicles with coil spring front suspension.

In general, this type of vehicle is used to transport heavy loads among other options. That is precisely why you should incorporate these front and rear shock absorbers.

First of all, we can mention that the compatibility does not only cover some Ford PickUp trucks. Beyond that, these four shocks are a perfect replacement when you want to completely revamp your driving style.

So, here it will be very easy to get a very controlled and efficient level of driving when it comes to crossing different roads.

Secondly, it is necessary to mention that the durability of these components is another important aspect. The piston seal can provide a completely efficient fit.

Thus, the air seal is maintained between the pressure tube and the piston. Of course, this provides a decrease in leakage paths within the design of these parts.

Thirdly, we can mention that here the wear is uniform among the four shock absorbers. This in turn provides a more balanced and longer life for each shock absorber.

Even the whole structure covered by these shock absorbers allows the protection of the most important components of these parts. So, it’s an excellent replacement for a superior ride.


  • Excellent durability
  • Uniform and balanced wear
  • Ideal for transporting heavy cargo


  • Only for 2WD vehicles

07. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set for Ford Ranger

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


One of the most reliable and friendly designs for a shock absorber has been incorporated into these particular pieces. Here we can note that it is a set of 4 shock absorbers for Ford Ranger with four-wheel drive.

So, these trucks need to be from 1998 to 2011.

Here we can notice that the whole structure has an efficient design that adapts to each part of the shock absorbers. At the same time, each of the necessary parts for a complete and efficient installation has also been incorporated.

So, these best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger can provide an excellent result when it comes to transporting heavy loads.

On the one hand, it is very convenient to note that the entire structure of these shock absorbers has been manufactured with high-quality materials. In combination with an innovative design, these shock absorbers can withstand a long service life.

On the other hand, this great durability prevents difficult working conditions from becoming a problem. So, you will be able to drive on uneven terrain or the road.

Another important advantage of incorporating these shock absorbers is the superior level of control of a vehicle. In particular, when it comes to driving through different tight curves, these shock absorbers can be adapted to them.

It is necessary to consider that pickup trucks have a higher center of gravity. Thus, a higher level of adaptability is never a wasted feature.


  • Highly resistant structure
  • Excellent level of compatibility
  • Formidable life span


  • Does not provide a greater weight load

08. cciyu Front & Rear Struts Shock Absorbers for Ford Ranger

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


Users who want to get reliable shocks on a Ford Ranger from 1998 to 2011 can choose this option. In turn, compatibility may also extend to other vehicles. This is a set of four shocks to replace the front and rear shocks. In this way, it is possible to obtain balanced wear.

In this case, damping oil has been incorporated into the struts and shock absorbers. In particular, this type of oil is perfect for preventing vaporization, corrosion, or oxidation of metallic or non-metallic parts.

At the same time, temperature changes do not have a significant effect on the oil viscosity of these parts. In other words, this is called reliable results.

When the four shock absorbers of this manufacturer are incorporated, greater adaptability to different types of roads is obtained. In particular, the high performance and comfort of the vehicle are combined with greater control of the entire unit.

That’s why, whether it’s undulating terrain, the desert, snow, or a simple road, the results are always of a high standard.

Here you will notice that an elevation of two to three inches is provided, plus 0.63 inches of center expansion rod diameter. In combination with this, the polyurethane connecting sleeve provides high strength.

In short, this is one of the most innovative manufacturing designs that also has a long life span.


  • Shock absorbers are adaptable to different paths
  • Shock absorber oil included
  • Excellent durability and service life


  • Less efficient with 4WD

09. Bilstein 24-188258 Ford Ranger 4WD Rear Shocks

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


Of course, among the best shock absorbers, we must include this manufacturer because of its excellent characteristics. Here the compatibility of these parts can include Ford Ranger four-wheel-drive vehicles and many Mazda vehicles.

So, if you have this vehicle, you can get high durability and more control on every road.

One of the greatest qualities of these shock absorbers is their great adaptability to different paths. Of course, here we can include both a normal road and the most difficult terrains.

So, if you’re transporting heavy loads on hilly terrain, dirt roads, snow, and other options, this option is ideal.

Another of the peculiar characteristics of these shock absorbers is the great durability and their design can offer. Here a highly innovative design has been combined with materials of the highest quality.

So, the result is a shock absorber with the ability to offer long life. No doubt, the heavy load to be transported will be in good condition.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that these shock absorbers are excellent for using a Ford Ranger along curves. This will allow the vehicle to better adapt to the weight distribution.

In turn, the ride level is higher when all four shock absorbers are replaced at the same time. Both wear and performance are more balanced this way.


  • High-value design
  • Excellent durability and service life
  • Efficient with Ford Ranger 4WD


  • Incompatibility with 2WD

10. WULF Extended Shocks Kit for Ford Ranger 2WD/4WD

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger


Last but not least, we can mention these torsion bar suspensions for Ford Ranger. In this case, the compatibility covers Ford Ranger models with 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. So, if you have a vehicle from 1998 to 2011, you can easily add these four parts.

In particular, we can note that these pieces are excellent when it comes to complementing a 3-inch lift kit. The higher height of the Ford Ranger provides more convenient transportation of heavy cargo.

As a result, these units are loaded with nitrogen gas, as they provide greater comfort and performance on every road.

Of course, many users decide to opt for these pieces due to the great durability of the structure. Here, high-quality materials have been used in combination with hardened piston rods and advanced monotube technology.

In particular, all of these can provide greater reliability, vehicle control, and extended durability. Either way, it’s a long life for the Ford Ranger.

As you will notice, the screw kit has been included for a short and simple installation process. So, hobby mechanics with a few tools will be able to install these torsion bar suspensions.

This is a direct replacement for the Ford Ranger factory shocks. A very comfortable and convenient option for many people.


  • Very appropriate installation
  • Excellent durability and service life
  • Efficient nitrogen loaded design


  • For 3-inch lift kit only

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger: Shock Replacement

Buying Considerations for the Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger

For a more complete decision, some basic aspects of each shock absorber should be analyzed. That is why we mention here the most important characteristics in each of these components.

Of course, each of the best shocks for ford ranger is not the same as all the others in the market.

Design of the Shock Absorbers

One of the main aspects to consider is whether the shock absorbers are designed for the rear wheels or the front wheels. Of course, each of the front and rear shock absorbers has a different design and characteristics.

So, these are not two interchangeable options. In particular, you cannot install rear shocks in the front. Here again, it is important to consider whether your vehicle needs a replacement for only the rear shocks or only the front shocks.

Sometimes mechanical experts recommend replacing all four shocks at the same time. This way, even and symmetrical wear can be obtained from this complete part replacement.

Shock Absorber Compatibility

In combination with the previous point, a person should also consider the compatibility of these parts. First of all, different shock absorbers can adapt only to different Ford Ranger models.

Therefore, you should consider the specific year of manufacture of your Ford Ranger. However, this is not the only useful information to consider for full compatibility.

Another important piece of information is the type of traction the particular Ford Ranger has. So, you may find some options on the market that are compatible with 2-wheel drive vehicles.

Also, it is possible to find shock absorbers that are compatible with all-wheel drive. Ideally, you will be able to incorporate shock absorbers that are compatible with both traction options.

Types of Shock Absorbers

When you have determined the specific compatibility your shocks need, you can continue to choose the type of part you need. There are several possibilities available on the market to choose from.

So, it is a matter of choosing between shock absorbers with a double tube or single tube design. You can also choose between acceleration-sensitive shock absorbers, position-sensitive shock absorbers, or gas-charged double-tube shock absorbers.

Beyond that, people who drive the vehicle over rough or difficult terrain need a specific type of shock absorber. For these rough and difficult terrains, single-tube shocks are the best choice because of their cooling capabilities.

In other words, the specific needs of each driver and each Ford Ranger are very important when choosing a specific type of shock absorber. Even the quality of a shock absorber’s seal is another important factor.

In particular, the quality of this component is what can provide a long life for the vehicle owner. In turn, this can decrease the wear and tear of everyday use and better resist various factors such as heat.

Of course, this part provides high quality in the options we have analyzed in this review.


As with other parts, durability is determined by the design and quality of the materials incorporated. Checking this aspect is important to avoid the wear of some harmful factors.

In particular, snow and rain could be a problem. Therefore, a protective layer is the best option to avoid rust and excessive wear. This even allows you to use a Ford Ranger truck in a variety of situations, regardless of weather conditions.

Easy Installation

In most cases, a skilled mechanic is required to install the shock absorbers. However, some options on the market offer a simple design for a smooth installation.

In particular, this option is best for hobby mechanics who wish to install shock absorbers in their workshops. Either way, it is an excellent way to save money.

Best Shocks for Ford Ranger- Common FAQ´s

Q: How much does it cost to replace shocks on a Ford Ranger?

Ans: In this case, it is necessary to consider a set of important factors in the total replacement cost of these parts. First, it may be necessary to perform a set of related repairs before obtaining a successful installation.

Otherwise, the new shock absorbers may be damaged, or may not provide the highest level of performance from the start. Also, there are some fees and taxes that may vary depending on the geographic areas of a Ford Ranger owner.

Beyond that, estimated labor costs can range from $70 to $100 for this task. Finally, shock absorber costs for a Ford Ranger vary depending on the quality and particular features.

Q: Which shocks give the smoothest ride?

Ans: In general, the shocks we have analyzed in this review can provide a smooth ride. Beyond that, other features are just as important when it comes to new shocks. Here the level of control of the pickup truck could be very important.

This provides greater safety and confidence to the driver in a variety of situations. When it comes to traversing difficult terrain, uneven surfaces, or dirt roads, shocks are essential.

Many people must use a Ford Ranger to transport heavy or other loads. So, the best shock absorbers can take care of both the vehicle and the load being transported.

Q: What mileage should Shocks be replaced?

Ans: As with any other vehicle component, shock absorbers have a certain life span. However, there is no specific, exact mileage for all shock absorbers on the market.

That’s why experts recommend that struts and shocks be replaced with a minimum travel distance of 50,000 miles. Sometimes, the lifespan can be longer due to higher quality components.

Even the specific type of use provided by each driver can be another important factor. So, shock absorbers could be replaced if they have traveled up to 100,000 miles. With proper care and high-quality shock absorbers, this life span can be achieved.

Q: Should I replace front and rear shocks at the same time?

Ans: When it comes to what is mandatory it is usually not necessary to replace all four shocks at the same time. However, it is always recommended to replace the struts and shock absorbers in pairs.

So, if you must replace the rear shocks it is not recommended to replace a separate part of another part. This is because the new parts will have to carry a greater workload.

For best results and performance, experts recommend replacing all four shocks and struts at the same time. Here it is not necessary but it is more convenient for those who want to have the longest life and durability of the shock absorbers.

Q: How do I know when my shocks are bad?

Ans: To be able to detect a shock absorber malfunction in a vehicle, attention can be paid to the following symptoms:

  • When driving on a freeway, the vehicle offers unstable speeds
  • In general, the vehicle could be oriented to one side
  • In some hard braking, the front part sinks more than normal
  • Some tires may bounce excessively, as well as have unusual wear
  • Also, the rear part sinks excessively during acceleration

Once you detect these or other symptoms, you should consult a professional mechanic to replace the shock absorbers.

Q: Which is better gas or oil shocks?

Ans: Sometimes gas powered shocks provide greater cooling capacity. So, by reducing the damaging effect of heat, gas-powered shocks can provide greater durability and longer life.

However, this is the best shock for the ford ranger with oil inside that also provides good results.

Final Words

Good shock absorbers must be incorporated to ensure that a Ford Ranger functions and drives smoothly. Those who want to enjoy the best results should opt for the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger.

As we’ve seen, it doesn’t require a very large budget for this task. Besides, incorporating new shocks can provide you with superior driving, among other advantages.

By installing this new part, you will be able to better take care of the heavy load you need to transport. This can be necessary when a driver needs to cross difficult roads or uneven surfaces.

Either way, people who love their Ford Ranger implement these parts to take care of their vehicle. After that, you’ll notice that the control and performance of this vehicle will be far superior to what it was before.

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