The 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock 2021: Motorcycle Security

As a bike lover, your best motorcycle helmet lock is one that secures your helmet without trouble since walking around with your helmet every time you park your motorcycle is often a great hassle.

Leaving it dangling freely from your handlebars is also a danger. With this in mind, we have to look at how we can walk away from your motorcycle after parking it without the possibility of losing it.

This means that you have to find a lock suitable enough to fit on your motorcycle with enhanced security. It takes much consideration to find the best lock.

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Premium Quality Motorcycle Helmet Lock Review

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Why do You Need the best motorcycle helmet locks

A motorcycle helmet is the key safety measure! Nowadays, motor-bike helmet comes with aero-dynamic features and they are costly too. Security is the first and primary if you are a vehicle owner.

However, everyone and everywhere isn’t trusted. Therefore, you must take some security steps to protect your motorcycle helmet.

Basically, the reason why you need to use a helmet lock is that whenever you park your motorcycle you don’t have to walk around weighed down by the helmet.

On the other hand, leaving it to hang precariously from your motorcycle is not a good idea to its safety. You need to secure it with a helmet lock for motorcycles attached to the motorcycle to ensure that you are keeping your helmet safe without necessarily having to walk around with it.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock Review 2021

For this reason, we sank deep into detailed research to help shorten your list when you have to select a lock that will serve you best and for the longest time possible.

Below is a detailed review of ten prospective helmet locks that can give you an easy time choosing your best helmet lock.

01. BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock with Cable

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Secure Pin Locking Carabiner

With advanced development, the secure pin locking carabiner is what definitely sets this attractive black helmet lock from the rest. It provides a pin lock option.

All you have to do is loop a provided cable around the helmet, attach it to the motorbike, and key in a security code on the carabiner to lock. The same pin is used while opening the best lock for motorcycle. With this, less risk is taken with securing your helmet.

Rubberized D-lock

As we secure the helmet with the helmet lock, we need to secure its appearance as well. In this aspect the D- the lock is what sets apart this model from the others.

Most helmet locks have metallic D-locks that often scratch the helmet surface obviously compromising the appearance of the helmet.

Different from others this model is designed with a thick rubberized D- lock which spares your helmet scratches all over every time you attach it to your motorbike during the numerous times you have to park the bike.

Easy to use

This attractive black helmet lock has a 1.8M self-coiling cable coated with PVC for durability. This is what makes it easy to use as you have to loop it around your helmet and attach it to the motorbike using the D- lock or carabiner.

The cable is 1.8M long meaning it offers enough room for securing two of your helmets and a jacket as well.


  • Rubberized D-lock
  • Pin Locking carabiner
  • Durable with PVC coated cable


  • Wobbly D-lock cable attachment

02. Helmetlok High Protective Helmet Lock and Extension

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Compact Model

Having a small and easy-to-use helmet lock is part of the factors that you need to mind fully when selecting one. This one is a carabiner-style helmet lock with a 4-digit programmable pin lock mechanism.

Therefore, that is easy to use, designed to be a little adjustable with the ability to fit in a pocket or safely hang from a belt loop. You can easily move around with this small lock and use it anywhere on your bike.

Attach Your Helmet Anywhere on the Bike

Unlike other models that consist of an attached cable, this one only has an expandable carabiner-style D-lock that is easy to attach to the bike.

All you have to do is to open the lock, easily slip the carabiner through the helmet shackle, attach it to any suitable part of your bike and lock it. The important point we have to note here is that this small lock is not a permanent attachment to any part of your bike.

Therefore, you are free to select any part of your bike where the helmet can attach with less hassle.

T-bar Extension

For helmets that utilize a quick release style buckle this model of the best motorcycle helmet lock is more helpful. It includes a helmet lock T-bar extension that helps you to safely attach it to your bike, not forgetting that it works well with helmets that have a D-ring as well.

The open arm pivots outside hence easy to attach to large diameters.


  • Compact model
  • Can attach anywhere on the bike
  • Adjustable


  • May need separate cable purchase

03. Biker’s Choice Motorcycle Secured Helmet Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Universal Mount Lock

Helmet locks come in different designs and forms to suit different needs and tastes as well. This one here is an easy to mount universal model that features a 7/8 to 1-1/4 easy to fit screw tubing to help you mount it on using screws.

Suitable screws are attached to save you the hassle of looking for the most suitable screws and any extra purchases. The screws are tamper-proof in the sense that they cannot be easily removed once installed on a section of the bike with respect to their one-way design.

Secure Key Lock Design

Unlike other  models, this model utilizes a reliably safe key lock mechanism that only involves locking the mounted helmet lock with a provided key.

The model is permanently mounted to a specific point on the motorbike using the provided one-way screws it comes with.

Chrome Coated

Unlike other models, this one is fully designed out of metal. Being metallic therefore it has to be protected against rust and corrosion. This is exactly the main reason why bikers choose a chrome coat.

This not only makes it attractive but also provides the protective aspect needed for extended durability or the best lock for motorcycle.

The model is small as well and is easy to attach to any part of the bike using the tamper-proof screens that are attached adding up on the security of your helmet.


  • Easy to use
  • Tamper-proof screws attached
  • Chrome coated


  • Permanent attachment to one point

04. Helmetlok 4101 Motorcycle Helmet Security Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Rubberized Helmet Lock

You may prefer a carabiner-style helmet lock but not possibly a metallic one might not be one of your choices. To move you away from this kind of dilemma such helmets like this one from helmet lock come in handy to help you get closer to your taste.

This carabiner-style lock is effectively coated with rubber to prevent your helmet from the several scratches it may get during any of the times you park your bike.

The best motorcycle helmet locks the smooth surface provided by the rubber surface probe to be an advantage over the other metallic models.

Large Attachment Diameter

Unlike other helmet locks, this helmet lock model is easy to attach anywhere on your bike, not leaving out surfaces with a large diameter such as motorbike handlebars, gear racks and grab rails.

This is possible because when the locking arms are open, they pivot out making it possible to attach to surfaces as large as 1.5 inches. This basically renders you the ease to attach your helmet to any suitable part of the motorbike.

Considering this, it is possible to attach your helmet to any part of your motorcycle.


This carabiner-style lock is made from aluminum coated with strong plastic for durability. The four-digit programmable mechanism on the lock is made out of a strong zinc alloy which is weather resistant.

All these make the model a strong one that lasts for a long time without signs of rusting or corrosion.


  • Rubberized pocket-sized lock
  • Strong zinc alloy carabiner
  • Can attach to large diameters


  • Without cable, only supports one helmet

05. Locks-it-Sraps Black 901 Helmet Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Universal Combination

A universal combination carabiner helmet lock is an assurance of security to not only one of your helmets but to multiple with enough room for even a bag.

This universal design of this best motorcycle helmet lock is designed with 2 feet of heavy-duty straps made of well-sewn straps that harbor a 3mm cable at their center, making it a heavy-duty model.

Easy to Use

With a carabiner and two long heavy-duty straps, the model is a very easy one to use. All you need to do is loop the straps around your helmet and lock it around a suitable surface of the motorbike.

Instead of being weighed down walking around with the helmet on your hand, such an easy model of helmet lack should be of great use to you.

Sturdy Attachments

Lock straps model is a durable one with a 3mm steel cable embedded in the 2 feet of double-layer nylon straps that secure the helmet to the carabiner.

With this model, there is no need to worry about attachments being wobbly because the attachments are made out of strong treated galvanized rivets.

The attachment to the motorbike is also made secure with such strong attachments between the carabiner and the straps.

However, it is important to note that at some point, the thick straps may freeze at locked or unlocked positions making it difficult to strap around.


  • Long durable straps
  • Universal combination
  • Easy to use


  • Tends to freeze in one position

06. Little World Heavy Duty Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


High Quality

Little world brings you yet another high-quality helmet lock for motorcycles with the same universal combination on top of a small design that is so easy to walk around within the pocket.

By high quality, we can talk about a heavy-duty carabiner model with a thick layer of PVC on top of a metallic design to give you a nice black attractive helmet lock that is definitely very durable.

Durable High-performance Lock

A strong model such as this is a high-performance lock that utilizes a long flexible steel cable embedded in thick PVC to give you a strong, reliable, durable, and weather-resistant attachment surface that is up to six feet long.

This length means that more than one helmet can be securely attached to your bike without much trouble. Importantly there is much advantage attached to the durable steel cable this model comes within the sense.

Literally, that it can secure a wide array of motorcycle helmets without any considerations to their different designs.


Leaving alone the locking combination, the model is universal in the sense that it can secure any type of helmet. It is designed to secure all full face and half face helmets for any type of motorcycle.

It is also universal in the sense that it is compatible with any of the surfaces or the specific points on the motorcycle that the helmet could be easily attached to.


  • Long heavy-duty cable
  • Light mode
  • Compatible with all helmets


  • Difficulty in unlocking

07. Kuryakyn 4232 Motorcycle Helmet Security Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Tamper Proof

There is much attached to the security of your helmet. In this case, we are not only worried about the security of the helmet but that of the helmet lock too.

With this kind of helmet, tablet proof is a guaranteed feature with emphasis on both the helmet and the lock but not the helmet only.

This lock is secured on any part of the motorbike with 11/4-11/2 inches of continuous tubing. It is tamper-proof in the sense that it comes with two one-way screws that are not easy to remove once installed.

Chrome Lock Assembly

This lock is designed to use a key and lock mechanism. It, therefore, includes a lock assembly that basically consists of a key and the two tamper-proof screws that are there to ensure extra safety of the helmet with just as little as a key and lock system.

To add on, the lock directly clamps to the motorcycle with the helmet closely in place, ensuring extra security.

Durable Metallic Lock

Talking of durability, this model assures you of that in full. This is possible because the model is made of pure metal with a chrome coat to keep corrosion and rust away.

This is necessary to elongate the period that it is supposed to serve you. It is also important to note that the lock is structured in a way that once fixed, it appears as part of the motorcycle.


  • Tamper proof
  • A Durable model
  • Extra security


  • Only sections with 1 1/4″-1 1/2″

08. Master Lock 99KA Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock

2-Pack Model

Sometimes, a single helmet lock may just not be enough. You might need to have two or more to secure your helmet. It all depends on the design and how efficiently it is going to serve you.

This model from the master lock is designed to serve you as two-keyed alike cable locks with 4 keys. You can as well consider finding up to eight of these small locks depending on your needs. All you need to do is buy four of these packs.

Deadlocking Mechanism

Locking is sometimes just not enough because if anyone is really interested in stealing your helmet, they would try to do something to the lock and it might work out for them.

To avoid such this model comes with a mechanism to fix this. The best lock for motorcycle deadlocking mechanism is what prevents rapping of the lock open hence extra safety is guaranteed with such a lock.

Durable Plastic Cover

Everything needs a nice finish. The Master Lock model is not an exception. It is smoothly finished off with a plastic cover to make it friendly to your helmet.

The plastic cover is necessary to give the lock a smooth touch and a clean finish keeping in mind that a metallic one would scratch the helmet compromising the appearance.

To add on the attractiveness of the lock the plastic cover is made of vinyl which is strong.


  • Deadlocking mechanism
  • Attractive plastic cover
  • Two keyed-alike locks


  • Only one helmet per lock

09. Kuryakyn 4248 Universal Fit Security Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Easy Access

Many locations on the motorcycle can attach to your lock. Uniquely, this brand comes with promotional suitability to the rear of the bike. This best motorcycle helmet lock is a nice location to secure your helmet with ease of accessibility.

The model allows you to securely safeguard your helmet from the tear of your bike with assured security. It is also tamper-proof as it comes with tamper-proof screws in the package for attaching it to your motorcycle. Absolutely it is an added assurance to the safety of the helmet.

Full Package

Consider a lock that comes in a full package consisting of one black key and lock set, one lock mount bracket and one license backing plate all for making your installation as easy as it should be.

With this package the installation is hassle-free as very little more is needed to complete the installation and let you enjoy the security of your helmet. For easy installation, you may want to consider a hardware kit which is of course not in the package.

Kurkyan 4248 is a well-fitting and attractive lock that enhances the stress-free security of your motorcycle helmet lock as well as the general appearance. It appears as part of the bike once installed.

This model saves you much hassle each and every time you have to park up your bike, unlike others that are either difficult to install or need you to attach and detach.


  • Attractive
  • Easy installation
  • Tamper proof


  • Only flat surfaces

10. Bosvision 4-Digit 5-inch Lock with Steel Leash Cable

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Carabiner Style With Cable

For other carabiner-style locks, there might be a big problem fitting on any of the surfaces on your bike. A good combination may save you the limit to some specific points on your bike.

This one here from provision makes sure that you have less trouble when it comes to attachment. It boasts a carabiner-style lock with a cable attachment to help you secure more than one helmet to your bike whenever you park up.

It has a 4-digit programmable lock to ensure you secure your helmet with a pin. No keys to carry around whenever you secure the helmets on your bike.

User Guide

Some locks may give you so much trouble when resetting the 4-digit pin on your carabiner lock. Differently, this provides a proper easy to follow user guide that is more than useful whenever you need to reset the pin on your lock.

Such is there to ensure that there is less trouble whenever such a procedure is involved.

Zinc Aluminum Alloy Material to Last Longer

The lock is durable since it is made out of a strong zinc-aluminum alloy with the cable made out of a durable steel leash. A strong material not only serves you for long but also is a tough one to secure your helmet.


  • Universal combination
  • Durable
  • Available user guide


  • Fits on a maximum of 2.5 I’m diameter

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock Buyers Guide

Always make sure that you are in a position to select a helmet lock that will serve you for the longest time. To add on this, it should be one that is so easy to install and use.

Now let’s get to the details of how to find your best motorcycle helmet lock. To ease our experience through this, here are some factors that we have to consider during the selection.

Ease of Installation

Installing your helmet lock is often the first step to secure your helmet. Therefore, it is most important to find a lock that will take you the shortest time to install with as much ease as you desire.

Here, we might need to go deep into your preference depending on where you need to secure your helmet on the motorcycle. We have gone through a number of locks with different styles and designs. The choice is left to you depending on what you prefer.


Talking of durability, you need to find a lock that will withstand a number of environmental factors with a consideration of tamper. A durable model should of course be made of proper material that can withstand all the hazards and tamper.

Most of these locks are made of metal. The choice comes in where we have to decide if a metallic lock will be best or one that is made of metal but coated with plastic.

If you need to secure your helmet from being scratched every time you park, a plastic one might be of great help.

The Design

When making a choice on the kind of lock you will be using, the design is one major consideration that will determine how easily you will be using it. You might have preference for one with a key lock system or one with a pin code.

All these are determined by the basic design of the helmet lock for motorcycles. Design is also the building block of the locking mechanism. All these are factors attached to the design of the helmet lock.

Literally, it could not be forgotten that the design will also decide if the lock is to be attached to the motorcycle directly or you will be walking around with it.

Preferred Size

Size is equally important since it may limit the way you carry your lock if at all it is designed to be carried, and most importantly the number or type of helmet you’re going to be using the lock with.

For instance, small carabiner-style helmet locks may not be suitable if you have more than one helmet in use. Similarly, some types of helmets do not have the necessary attachment points that are specific to some locks.

Construction Material

Durability and security, which are the most important factors connected to the helmet locks are greatly influenced by the kind of material used to make the lock.

Therefore, it is important to go for one that will not frustrate you. With each brand trying to put in place measures to develop strong locks that cannot be easily compromised.

However, you have a wide variety to choose from ranging from metallic ones to hardened plastic ones. Bearing in mind that our greatest need is to have a strong and long-lasting helmet lock.

Still, on the construction material, you have to consider that metallic locks with sharp edges keep on scratching the helmet which compromises the appearance of your motorcycle helmet lock.

All the above factors are very key in securing your helmet with the proper easy-to-use helmet lock without much stress.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Review FAQs

Q: Is it possible to reset the pin code if I forget the previous one?

ANS: As we have seen above the importance of a helmet lock centers around the security of the helmet. Apparently then, it is not that easy to open a pin code lock without the combination used to lock it.

Changing the pin code might however be easy if the lock is open and a very tough ordeal if the lock is closed. In the most intensive situations though you might be forced to consider looking for another and starting it all over again.

In some situations, the lock may be faulty and only the procedures attached could salvage the situation. Instructions are most important to go through before you use the lock.

Q: Do I need to carry out any form of maintenance on my lock

ANS: Going through all the products reviewed above you will note that the construction material matters a lot. The factor of maintenance is intensively attached to the construction material as well as the locking mechanism.

However, you may have seen that most locks are made of protective coats on top of metallic designs or alternative coating forms such as chrome coating. All these are meant to keep the lock safe from environmental hazards as well as harden the task for thieves.

The solution here is therefore almost pointed out that not much of care or maintenance is needed on the lock. Just to mention, you may need to keep the locking area dry for the key lock mechanism except when you are lubricating it for smoothness.

Q: What is the best way to use the helmet lock

ANS: A helmet lock is basically meant to secure your helmet to your bike. Depending on the design, you need to identify the best spot to attach your helmet to the motorcycle.

Some need just simple attachment only when the lock is in use while others need you to make it part of the bike by bolting it onto a specific point on the bike. With this information in mind, you are the one to decide where and how the selected helmet lock is to be of use to you.

Q: What is the main thing that I should look for in a motorcycle helmet lock?

ANS: There are so many things that are important to consider in a motorcycle helmet. The locking mechanism tops them all. Since it is the major determinant of ease of the time you are going to have using your helmet lock.

If you are not good at remembering pin code combinations, you might be at liberty to select one with a key. On the other hand, if you are not good at keeping keys, a pin code lock may serve you best.

The material is also very important in this section since you need to have a lock that serves you best and stays strong for a good time bearing in mind that the helmet should also remain in good condition.

Wrap Up

As we have seen from the above sections, carrying a helmet with you is not an option, nor is it a good idea. With the major reason to have a helmet lock well explained, we can find our selection from the above-reviewed locks.

However, making such a choice is not as easy a task as it may sound but after all, we have to find our best lock from the flooded market.

With this article, it is going to be a little easier to land on your best brand of helmet locks.

Since we have different preferences and we make choices differently. Considering all the above-mentioned factors against the available motorcycle helmet lock is therefore a nice thing in helping you find your best motorcycle helmet lock for securing your helmet wherever you are.

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