Top Rated 10 Best Jeep 4.0 Headers Review 2021

Maintenance of the exhaust system requires utmost attention and priority, especially if you want to replace it with the best jeep 4.0 header. An efficient and durable header will provide you the instant improvement in engine functioning and horsepower.

For the smooth functioning of a Jeep in harsh environments, make sure to keep the exhaust system well-performing. A durable header does not stress the engine, ensuring that the burnt gases and other pollutants leave the system.

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Best Jeep Header 4.0: Top Choice

A header with a wider diameter lets pass the contaminants without any hurdles and boosts engine performance. If you are planning to invest in a quality header you must prefer its quality control standards.

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The 10 Best Jeep 4.0 Headers Review 2021

Below mentioned are reviews of some headers that will enlighten you with their features. Apart from it, this review also consists of a buying guide and some questions that any buyer would think of. Then, let’s get started

01. Welded 1.5 Inches Stainless Twisted Steel Jeep Header

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


Owning a heavy-duty vehicle like a jeep requires a lot of maintenance, especially the engine. Often people face issues with the exhaust mechanism of the jeep. When the exhausting gases cannot leave the machine, it creates problems for smooth functioning.

Investing in a jeep header will relieve you from this worry. A header from aFe is efficient and durable, with precise welding. Bent welding tubes of the header provide a smooth flow to the unwanted gases.  

Improves Performance

With the addition of a header in the jeep, you can gradually feel the enhancement in your driving. When the engine performs well, your gear and brakes will also run smoothly.

To reduce the maintenance cost of a ruptured machine, you must invest in an efficient header.

Exhaust Gases

With the burning of fuel when you start your engine, the mechanism also gives rise to exhaust gases. For easy removal of unwanted exhaust, a header will provide sufficient space and path.

A blockage in the header or an old header will disrupt the engine operation.  

No Rust

Since the aFe header is of stainless steel, there is no rust or corrosion issue, and does not wear off quickly. Quality maintenance of the brand ensures that it will last longer than the usual headers.


  • Easy installation procedure 
  • Enhances the riding experience of the passengers
  • Ideal for regular use in off-road terrains
  • Adds to the appearance of the vehicle


  • No inclusion of any installation tools

02. Banks Power 51306 Exhaust Header

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


If you are a regular driver on rocky terrains, your engine might be under a lot of stress. Driving in rough areas in vehicles like Jeeps requires regular maintenance of the engine and its functioning.

Due to this, you must take more care of the engine exhaust system. Apart from other components, an efficient header is also essential. A header from Banks accomplishes the task of smooth removal of gases from the engine proficiently.

Plenty of Tube Space

Narrow tubes in the header make it difficult for the exhaust gases to leave the engine. For smooth removal of the exhaust system, you must ensure that the header has sufficient space for the same.

Header by Banks will serve this purpose for you, and you can experience better functioning.

Boost Riding

Driving in rocky terrain requires an efficacious engine performance. Carefully sized headers boost engine performance and provide a comfortable riding experience to other passengers.

With the presence of a header like the one from the Banks, there will be less stress on the engine and more power to our driving.


Installing a heater in a jeep will require necessary mechanical skills. Therefore, you may either do it yourself; you may ask a professional to do it for you. However, it may also refer to the user manual for proper guidance.


  • Removes cylinder pollutants 
  • Aluminum bent headers 
  • Least chances of corrosion
  • Waterproof and oil resistant


  • Requires time for installation

03. Exhaust Manifold Replacement Jeep Exhaust Header

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


Being an owner of a Jeep Wrangler might seem quite self-respecting, but you also need to conserve its efficiency. One of the most critical components is the engine; thus, you must keep a regular check on the exhaust system.

For replacing a header, the one from ECCPP Store will give you a long-lasting and efficient performance.


With the presence of rust-free material on the header, you will not have to worry about corrosion. With its durability, there is resistance from leakage and, thus, will not wear off quickly.

Although the engine tends to get hot due to continuous running, there will be no effect on the header. Being a stainless-steel header, it is also temperature resistant.


You will need minimum experience of installation skills for replacing the old header with the ECCPP one. Without disturbing any other cord attachment, you can quickly restore the header into the exhaust outlet with the necessary know-how.

Also, the kit includes the essential screws, bolts, and frames, so you do not have to spend extra on them.


Once the installation is complete and you drive your jeep, you can feel the difference instantly. With the improvement in engine performance, there is also smooth removal of exhaust gases. Thus, allowing a fresh fuel-air mixture.


  • Expels more exhaust
  • Better riding experience
  • Instant performance-yielding accessory
  • Extra-thick collector domes


  • May not fit all vehicles

04. JDMSPEED Exhaust Manifold Replacement Jeep Header

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


As per reports, jeep’s engines are one of the most refined engines and are also quite popular among passionate drivers, especially the 4.0 version.

The engine’s exhaust system is quite efficient and needs replacement if the vehicle often surpasses rocky terrains. For an exhaust system to perform effectively, ensure using a quality header, which will support exhaust gas expelling.

Well Suited Attachment

Since the header manufacturing process is as per the version of a Jeep 4.0 engine, it will securely fill in the attachment. But you will have to make sure to use a drill driver for a valid link into the space provided.

Advanced Pipes

The pipes of the header from JDMSPEED are stainless steel, which can withstand high temperatures. Thus, even when your vehicle uses the engine for a long time, the header and its pipes will perform efficiently.

For removing exhaust gases from the cylinder, these pipes will provide a smooth pathway for the process. 


JDMSPEED headers are quite easily visible for an occasional check-up. You will not have to open up the entire machinery to get its view and look for damages.

Moreover, these headers require the least maintenance, and their quality ensures durability for the user, thus saving cost on frequent replacements. 


  • Improves engine performance
  • Enhances driving experience
  • Allows removal of pollutants
  • Easy installation


  • Mild Leakage in the pipes
  • Does not enhance the appearance

05. Cciyu HQ Exhaust Manifold Kit Fits for Jeep 4.0

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


If you want to upgrade your jeep’s performance, along with other modifications, you must also prefer upgrading the exhaust system. The header of the Jeep supports the continuation of the efficiency, thus replacing a weary header is necessary.

They provide sufficient area for the exhaust gases to leave the engine without any hurdles. You can invest in a cciyu header for its elevated execution.

Easy Bolt-on

Installation of a header is not a complicated task, although you must have some knowledge about the necessary installation skills. Moreover, cciyu header provides the essential connecting parts along with the header while purchasing.

Thus, there is no necessity to purchase them separately and increase the overall cost.

Improved Air Removal

For the engine to perform in an accomplished manner, the header needs to perform well. The main function of a header is to allow space for the exhaust gas to leave smoothly.

Cciyu headers are adequate to support the exhaust system in doing so. Thus, allowing the engine to have free space for a new use of fuel.  

No Leakage

Due to the use of stainless steel in header manufacturing, it is quite strong and sturdy. Due to its leak-resistant nature, the exhaust air does not revert to the interiors. However, secure drill driving is a must to hold the header in its position.


  • Rust resisting material
  • Improves engine longevity 
  • Enhances driving action
  • Secure welding on the header


  • Average resistance to temperature

06. SCITOO Turbo Exhaust Manifold Kit Header Jeep Grand Cherokee 4L

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


To enhance a Jeep 4.0 engine’s performance, the easiest way is by replacing the exhaust system’s header. Headers allow space for the exhaust gases to clear away and permits fresh fuel to come in for further combustion.

Thus, replacing it will be an intelligent move and will also be cost-efficient.

Recognized Quality

Since the SCITOO headers follow the standards as per the required quality, you can trust the material’s durability. As these headers perform appropriately even after regular use in rocky and off-road areas, they prove the efficiency that the seller offers.


Headers from SCITOO have been welded on specific areas that are more prone to wear. Fabrication of these headers allows the header’s different parts to fuse and thus allows better longevity.

Therefore, they are long-lasting and will provide you accomplished results even after heavy-duty usage.

Temperature Resistant

Stainless steel headers are quite sturdy and can withstand pressure in terms of heavy engine activity. It tends to generate a vast amount of heat during long hours of usage due to the engine’s action.

But these headers are temperature resistant and can thus provide you better performance.


  • Enhances longevity of the engine
  • Material resistant to corrosion
  • Kit includes a frame for attachment.
  • Inclusion of required bolts and nuts


  • Requires installation skills

07. Manifolds Automotive Replacement Exhaust Header for Jeep Wrangler

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


For an engine to function correctly, the exhaust system plays a vital role. Removal of contaminants and exhaust gases needs to leave the system immediately after usage.

In case it does not, it will affect the operation of the engine and your driving experience. Thus, if you own a Jeep 4.0, ensure that you replace a defective header immediately to save cost on the engine’s repair.

A quality header like ECCPP will provide performance and accomplish its task relevantly. 

Enhances Engine Operation

For the engine to function efficiently, it must be able to use excess air and the required amount of fuel. To ensure the process is not disrupted, you must invest in this header, enabling the unwanted gases to leave the system.

With its usage, the engine runs in optimum conditions and without any damage.

Improves Speed

After installing the header in the exhaust system successfully, it instantly improves the speed and increases horsepower. Thus, enhancing the potentiality of the engine and providing it better scope for performance.

As a result, if you drive the vehicle, you, too, can feel the difference.

Powerful Engine

When there is a header replacement in the vehicle, it will provide free space for the engine to perform. At times the unburnt gases and other pollutants get stuck in the machine, which this header will help for removal.

The efficient flow of the exhaust gases, it will also clear the way for these pollutants to leave the system. Thus, enabling the engine to perform better and longer.


  • Bolt-on components
  • Allows room for the fuel-air mixture
  • Ideal for off-road usage
  • The wider and smoother path


  • Requires professional for installation

08. Omix-ADA 17622.12 Exhaust Manifold Kit for Jeep TJ XJ ZJ 4.0L

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


If you are suddenly experiencing a foul smell of burnt fuel, your jeep’s engine may have some defects in the exhaust system. You must immediately check the system and evaluate the header and exhaust manifold, which may leak in it.

Usually, this issue occurs due to installing a low-quality header, which has a significant contribution to smoothly expelling gases. Thus, while replacing the header you can invest in one that Omix-Ada manufactures. 

Oxidation Resistant

When the engine is in running condition, it emits high temperature, which may increase with the increase in duration. For smooth functioning, this header does not allow oxidation and, thus, improves the exhaust system’s longevity.

As a result, your vehicle will perform well, and you, too, will have a fantastic driving experience.

Improved Design

For better performance of the exhaust system and minimize Leakage’s instance, the header must connect adequately. For an accurate fit in your vehicle, its improved design makes it more manageable to install.

However, you must have the necessary skill to connect or ask an expert with Jeeps to help you. 


Along with the header, there are other essential accessories included in the kit. You will not worry about the specific gasket and pipe bolts; they come along with it. Secondly, it lessens your burden of purchasing the accessories separately.

Thus, you can get to work instantly as you receive the kit.


  • Carefully sized headers
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Minimizes the sound/noise
  • Instant use after installation


  • Requires electric screwdriver

09. OCPTY 674-196 Standard Quality Exhaust Manifolds Header

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


If you enjoy speed driving in your jeep, you must keep a regular check on the vehicle’s exhaust system. For enhancing the speed, you need to increase the horsepower, and an efficient exhaust system will support it.

Headers from OCPTY are adequate and fit in perfectly in a Jeep 4.0. But you will have to ensure the model of the jeep with the header for a perfect fit. 

Durable & Leakage Resistant

OCPTY headers are of cast iron, which provides resistance from Leakage of unwanted gases. Thus, if you encounter a smell while driving, replace the header immediately.

Even if you are using it for a longer duration, the engine’s heat will not hamper the exhaust system’s operation.

Off-road Usage

While driving in off-road areas and rocky terrains, there is a lot of pressure on the tires and the engine. You can increase the jeep’s height for a sturdy tire’s efficiency, but a sturdy header is necessary for engine efficiency.

Since these headers allow exhaust gases to pass out smoothly, thus providing more space for clear combustion, simultaneously.

Escalates Efficiency

With this header’s use, there is a boost in the performance of the engine and the driving. Passengers apart and the driver both feel a difference in replacement.

Thus, you will be able to fulfill your desire to ride at a faster and fast speed, although you must ensure your safety first.


  • Enhances sound production 
  • Bolt-on accessories included
  • High-quality hardware
  • Improves exhaust flow from cylinders


  • Ensuring model compatibility is a must

10. SCITOO Auto Replacement Standard Design Exhaust Manifold Kits for Jeep Cherokee

Best Jeep 4.0 Header


If you are looking for a capable header for the exhaust system of your jeep 4.0, SCITOO provides a quality one. With the presence of this stainless steel header, the performance of the exhaust system enhances.

As a result, the engine’s efficiency also escalates and gives an improved ability to the one who is driving. Thus, when you plan to invest in a header, the SCITOO headers will serve you appropriately with their incomparable features.

Off-road Performance

If you frequently drive across off-road areas or rocky terrains, make sure to keep a regular check on the exhaust system. Due to the engines’ stress in such difficult areas, the exhaust system will require an efficient header.

SCITOO headers accomplish the task correctly and also provide space for the removal of unwanted pollutants.

Wider Pathway

The sufficient diameter of the header’s pipes allows the exhaust gases to pass through it smoothly. Since the path is more comprehensive, it does not block the tube, and neither goes back to the engine.

Thus, preventing any damage to the operating system and extending its lifespan.

Increases Jeep’s Power

Since the exhaust system is working correctly with the header included, you can instantly experience your driving skills’ smoothness. Furthermore, you can also increase your speed more than before, without the fear of damaging the engine or the exhaust components.


  • Does not strain the engine
  • Plenty space of for expelling exhaust
  • Includes basic installation accessories
  • Sturdy gasket for accurate fit


  • Does not fit all Jeep versions

How to Buy the Best Jeep Header

Whenever you want to replace an old header with the best Jeep 4.0 header, make sure to research before choosing one. Investing in the perfect header will require a lot of thinking and planning.

Below mentioned are some of the essential factors that you must consider when you lookout for a perfect header for your Jeep 4.0


One of the most vital aspects that a buyer thinks about is the price of the product. Different sellers offer different prices for a header. You may choose the one as per your convenience and affordability.

For better suitability, you should pre-decide on a budget that will help to narrow down your choices. You can also avail yourself of the various deals and discounts that the seller offers at specific intervals.

The price of a header depends on the features and quality along with its durability. For better performance, try to choose a quality-controlled header for the utmost efficiency.

A standard quality header will provide the vehicle an improved smoothness while driving across rocky terrains. 


Different sellers offer different sizes of headers that will fit your jeep. Most headers are compatible with numerous versions of the vehicle. However, before you finalize a header, ensure that it will work accurately to your vehicle model.

Some sellers provide online evaluation while others have the provision of customer care facilities. They will instantly let you know if your chosen header is perfect for your vehicle.

Incorrect size or the one that does not fit correctly will damage the engine. You will also experience a foul smell in the jeep’s interior while on the move.

To prevent any additional cost in repairing the machine, choose the one with a secured fit in the jeep like the original one.  


An enhancement in the performance of a header ensures that it passes quality control standards. A header will perform its best when you select the one with a broader path diameter for allowing smooth passage for exhaust gases.

Narrow tubes might suffer from blockage during extended usage and damaging the exhaust system and the engine. Plenty of space within the tube will provide easy expelling of contaminants and unburnt gas and allow fresh combustion in the machine.

Thus, choose the one which has an improved design to meet the needs of present environmental conditions.


Considering the material of the best jeep header will ensure its longevity as well as its efficiency. Choose the one which is either of stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron.

Stainless steel headers are corrosion-free and do not wear-off off coming in contact with air. Similarly, headers should also be temperature-resistant, so that they do not heat up.

Jeep’s engine emits heat due to combustion and releases heat in the form of unburnt and exhausts gases. Thus, a heat-resistant header will perform better and longer during extended usage.


Apart from its fittings and material, your chosen header should be versatile and serve multiple functions. An upgraded header improves the driving skills as well as the riding experience of other passengers.

Select the one which requires easy installation skills. Some sellers also provide the necessary installation accessories for your convenience. You will not have to search for specific nuts and bolts.

Check whether the header accompanies a compatible gasket for a secured fit in the system. Some headers also enhance the engine’s sound quality, providing it an aggressive noise that most Jeep owners look for.

On the other hand, some do not even block the exterior traffic noise. Ensure these functions and then complete your buying procedure. You will have an enhanced and improved performing Jeep, just like a brand-new purchase with regular maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Best Jeep 4.0 Header

Q: How a header improves the horsepower of the jeep?

A: An efficient header should first accurately fit in the exhaust system. With the exhaust system’s proper functioning, there will be sufficient space for fresh fuel and air mixture.

Due to the expulsion of exhaust gases from the system, the engine can perform more effectively. And this will also help you with better horsepower and also increase the speed of driving.

You can instantly feel the difference after riding with the newly installed header. 

Q: What will ensure that the header is long-lasting?

A: Choose a header for your Jeep4.0, which is of stainless steel. Since this metal does not react with the environment and thus does not convert to any oxide form. As a result, provides better longevity to the entire exhaust system.

Q: How to know that a header will fit into my jeep?

A: For a perfect fit of a header into a Jeep, you must first enquire about its compatibility. One header does not suit all types or versions of the jeep. You may either check the specifications or call up a customer helpline for an accurate answer.

Q: How to improve the performance of a header?

A: Header itself improves the performance of the exhaust system and the engine. Ensure that the diameter of the header pipe is wide enough for the smooth removal of exhaust gases.

Likewise, you must also install the header correctly to make it perform effectively. Double-check the header fittings to examine if there is any leakage. 

Q: What is the importance of welding in various parts of a header?

A: Welding allows the fusion of two materials with the use of heat. Likewise, welding patches in the header is to prevent Leakage. Since headers are bent and allow passage for exhaust gases, the heat in them often wears off the tire.

Those areas which are more prone to breakage and Leakage have welding patches. Thus, preventing easy wear-off while using the vehicle for long hours.

Q: Does a header boost engine performance?

A: Yes, an efficient header and a capable exhaust system enable the engine to perform better. By allowing the exhaust gases to leave the system, it clears away a lot of space.

As soon as the fuel burns up, it also creates many unwanted gases and heat, passing through the header. For an engine to perform well, it needs a fresh and clean space for fuel and air mixture. As a result, the engine performance is up to the mark.

Q: Does the header allow any other attachment?

A: No, the header does not permit the attachment of any other charger or cord. A perfect header replaces the original header you received at the time of purchase of the vehicle.  

Is a stainless-steel header being crack-resistant?

A: Since stainless steel headers do not catch rust, it does not wear off quickly. Thus, preventing cracks and breakage. Moreover, welding in the potential areas of damages further reduces its chances.

Q: Is the installation of a header a complex one?

A: For the perfect installation of a header, you must have the necessary know-how of structure. If you are inexperienced, you will find the installation process complex. In that case, you can refer to videos available online or read the user manual properly.

Q: What are the essential components in a header toolkit?

A: Apart from the primary header tool, the kit contains nuts, bolts, and a gasket for a secured fit. You must read on the instructions carefully and then use essential accessories to install it securely.

You might need a drilling driver to tighten the bolts, which is not available in the kit.

Final Words

From the reviews mentioned above, you might have the necessary details of the best jeep 4.0 header. Next time you purchase a header make sure to follow all the guidelines. A perfect header in your jeep will enhance its performance and also your driving skill.

In the future, whenever you travel off-road, you will not have to worry about either the engine or the exhaust system. You can also enjoy your ride and fulfill your desire to drive with increased speed. Remember to follow all traffic and driving rules while driving across rocky terrains.

An efficient header will provide you and your fellow passengers an improved riding experience along with an aggressive sound. For utilizing the jeep’s overall capability, make sure to keep a regular check or maintenance on the engine and the exhaust system.

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