The 10 Best Floor Jack For Trucks: Best Floor Jack For Lifted Trucks

Since the coming of the best floor jack for trucks into the market, lifting your trucks for maintenance has become so easy. So, when you need more access to every part of your vehicle for troubleshooting a problem, a floor jack would come in handy.

Nevertheless, the usefulness of a floor jack is undeniable, but getting the best low profile jacks can be an issue. There are many brands of floor jacks in the market, claiming to be the best with so many desirable features.

If you are not careful or precise with what you want, you can easily get swayed away. 

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User’s Recommended Best Floor Jack For Lifted Trucks

Photo Title Buy
Pro-Lift F-767 Grey...image Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack - 2 Ton Capacity Buy On Amazon
BIG RED T83006...image BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack with Extra Saddle (Fits: SUVs and Extended Height Trucks): 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red Buy On Amazon
Hi-Lift Jack HL484...image Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack Buy On Amazon
Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red...image Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton Capacity Buy On Amazon
Arcan 3-Ton Quick...image Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack with Dual Pump Pistons & Reinforced Lifting Arm (ALJ3T / A20018) Buy On Amazon
Pittsburgh Automotive 3...image Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift Buy On Amazon
Arcan 2 Ton...image Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack A20015 / XL20 , Black , 26 Inch Buy On Amazon
Liftmaster 3 Ton...image Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Quick Lift Buy On Amazon
Pro-LifT G-737 Grey...image Pro-LifT G-737 Grey Speedy Lift Garage Jack - 3-1/2 Ton Capacity Buy On Amazon
JEGS Professional Low-Profile...image JEGS Professional Low-Profile 2-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack | 3 ½ Inch Minimum Saddle Height | Lightweight Construction | 360 Degree Rotating Saddle Buy On Amazon

What is the Floor Jack For Trucks

A floor jack is a mechanical lifting device used to lift vehicles or trucks. It works on the principle of converting small effort into a great force that pushes a vehicle weighing tons up.

There are different types of floor jacks, but people prefer to use either a hydraulic power jack or the screw thread to lift a vehicle. Other types of jack include the pneumatic jack, strand jack, and farm jack. The most common and easiest floor jack to use is the hydraulic jack.

The hydraulic floor jack has a working mechanism that uses the pressure you create in the jack’s cylinder chamber by applying force in a pumping manner. What makes the hydraulic jack easy to use is the long lift arm that makes it easy to create pressure in the cylinder.

Which will quickly and without much effort, raise a vehicle weighing tons. Some hydraulic jacks have more than one cylinder. Note that the more the number of cylinders a jack has, the faster and easier it would be to lift a load within its load-bearing capacity.

Hydraulic jacks make use of in-compressible oils, which when forced into the cylinder by a pump plunger can lift a heavy vehicle. To use a hydraulic jack, you need to consider the ground condition and the jacking point on the vehicle to use a floor jack.

Top 10 Best Floor Jack for Trucks – Review 2021

In order to make buying a floor jack easy, after a series of research and asking questions, we put together these top best floor jack for lifted trucks.

01. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Best 2 Ton Floor Jack

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


One of the number one go-to manufacturers of automotive garage maintenance equipment, Pro-Lift, is behind the construction of the F-767, a low-profile floor jack. If you are after a durable and reliable performance hydraulic floor lift, choose the Pro-Lift F-767.

Pro-Lift F-767 fits under low ground clearance vehicles with a minimum height of 3.38 inches and a lifting range up to 15 inches. With a lifting range this wide, you can get enough clearance or access to those challenging to-reach parts in your vehicle for maintenance or repairs.  

Pro-Lift F-767 also comes with heavy-duty steel construction, which is rust-resistant, ensuring this jack offers you long-lasting durability. The best floor jack solid construction of the Pro-Lift F-767 makes it have a maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 2 tons.

And along with the steel body, this jack also comes with two steel wheels and two swiveling casters for easy maneuvering. The carrying handle that comes with this jack makes it easy to transport.  

When it comes to added safety, the Pro-Lift F-767 comes with a built-in safety valve, which serves as overload protection. There is also a patented bypass device that protects this jack in case of over-pumping to ensure safe operations.


  • Affordable jack 
  • Heavy-duty steel body 
  • Steel wheels and swivel casters for easy maneuvering 
  • It has a load-bearing capacity of 2 tons 
  • Maximum lift height of 15 inches 
  • Built-in patented bypass device to protect against over-pumping 


  • Turn release pressure dial often fails

02. Hi-Lift Massive Power Off Road Floor Jack with Handle Keeper

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


Here’s another excellent jack, the Hi-Lift HL484. Unlike most hydraulic lifts that may have pressure holding or releasing failures, this Hi-Lift HL484 jack is a two-piece handle and socket jack, proven to be the most reliable and durable design.

When it comes to heavy-duty tasks, the cast iron and steel construction of the Hi-Lift HL484 gives it an excellent load-bearing capacity of up to 7000 pounds.

The mix of cast iron and four high-strength stamped steel components makes this jack highly durable. The high-quality powder coating finishing of this jack is rugged, and the zinc plating hardware makes it rust-resistant.

This jack is a mechanically operated jack with a two-piece handle and socket, where you pull the handle repeatedly for the shaft to move. Place the foot of the Hi-Lift HL484 under a secure anchor and then start cranking.

The Hi-Lift HL484 is a highly versatile jack suitable for pushing, winching, clamping, pulling and lifting.

With a lifting height of up to 48 inches, this Hi-Lift HL484 will never disappoint you. Also, the minimum height at which this jack will fit under is about 25-30 cm.

For added safety, this Hi-Lift jack comes equipped with a shear bolt to help prevent you from using this jack on load greater than 7000 pounds.


  • Durable and rugged jack 
  • Lightweight and easy to transport 
  • Affordable and easy to use jack 
  • Maximum lifting height of up to 48 inches 
  • The weight-bearing capacity of up to 7000 pounds 
  • Highly versatile jack 


  • Fits only specific vehicles

03. BIG RED 3 Ton Torin Hydraulic Jack With Extra Saddle

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


Get the Big Red T83006 hydraulic floor jack, ideal for most SUVs, vans, trucks, and cars. If you are after a good jack at a reasonable price, the Big Red T63006 is a perfect choice.

The Big Red T83006 is a hydraulic floor jack built with heavy-duty steel to provide long term durability. The steel body also makes this jack rust-resistant and long-lasting.

This floor jack has a load-bearing capacity of up to 3 tons or 6000 pounds. And to protect this jack from overloading, it comes with a safety bypass system to ensure safe operation.

The Big Red T83006 comes with a big single-piston that ensures you quickly raise your vehicle to the desired height in no time.

With the Big Red T83006, you can lift your vehicle to a maximum height of 20 7/8 inches. The extra-long neck saves you time when lifting tall vehicles.

The minimum lifting height of this jack is 5 7/8 inches.

When it comes to mobility, the Big Red T83006 comes with a built-in carrying handle for easy transport. There are also two industrial-grade steel wheels, and two swiveling casters to quickly move this large floor jack around the garage.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Heavy-duty steel construction 
  • Built-in steel wheels and swivel casters for easy mobility 
  • Big single piston for a quick lift 
  • Safety bypass system to prevent overloading 
  • Removable handles and neck for easy storage 


  • Quality could be better

04. Blackhawk 3.5 Ton Loading Capacity B6350 Black/Red Fast Liftting Floor Jack

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


The Blackhawk B6350 is a service jack with a unique design for fast lifting. Note that the Blackhawk B6350 hydraulic jack is to lift and not support, so after lifting your vehicle with this jack, support it with a part of the appropriate jack stand.

Raise your vehicle with ease with this hydraulic jack. Blackhawk B6350 fits into cars as low as 5.5 inches from the ground and can lift it as high as 22 inches.

The rugged construction of this Blackhawk jack makes it great for working in the garage and outdoor. Built with industrial-grade heavy-duty steel, the Blackhawk B6350 has a 3.5 tons or 7000 pounds lifting capacity.

For safe operation, while using this jack, Blackhawk added a built-in safety valve and bypass device to prevent damage from overloading or over-pumping.

Also, the rugged universal joint helps with precise load control. Note, before using this jack, ensure the release valve is well closed.

Quickly move the Blackhawk B6350 in and out of your garage, as it features two heavy-duty steel wheels and two swivel casters.


  • 3.5 tons of lifting capacity 
  • Safety valve to prevent over pumping 
  • Built-in wheels for easy transport 
  • Heavy-duty steel construction 


  • Poor welding

05. Arcan Sturdy Dual Pump Quick Rise Lightweight Aluminum- Best 3 Ton Floor Jack

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


If you are a lover of Arcan professional tools, the ALJ3T is a portable floor jack you should consider getting. It is lightweight, with a versatile lifting range and an excellent finishing.

Arcan ALJ3T is a very durable jack made from aircraft-grade aluminum material, which is lightweight. Despite its lightweight nature, this jack has a load-bearing capacity of up to 3 tons.

Are you in need of a super-fast effortless lifting jack? Then the dual pump piston of the Arcan ALJ3T will get you to that desired height in just a few pumps.

It fits under low vehicles with a ground clearance of 3.75 inches and can lift it as high as 18 inches.  

Arcan did an excellent job of reinforcing the lift arm of the ALJ3T, which increases strength, chassis torsion control, and durability. The two pieces handle also makes it very easy to store.

When it comes to moving the Arcan ALJ3T around, the swiveling wheels make it easy to maneuver. There is also a side-mounted handle, which allows you to easily carry this lightweight jack by hand or use it to position the jack conveniently.

In terms of safety, the Arcan ALJ3T comes with a bypass and overload valve, which prevents overextension of the hydraulic arm or using the jack beyond the load-bearing capacity.

Moreover, the Arcan ALJ3T complies with the ASME PASE-2014 safety standard.


  • Dual-piston for fast lifting  
  • Incredible slow and smooth lowering of vehicles 
  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum construction 
  • Built-in handle and swiveling wheels for easy transport 
  • Safety valve to prevent overloading or over pumping 


  • Poor customer service 

06. Pittsburgh Automotive Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile 3 Ton Floor Jack Including Rapid Pump

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


Lift almost any car with this Pittsburgh jack. Built tough with rugged materials and has an extra low profile to reach under practically any vehicle.

This Pittsburgh automotive jack for hardcore automotive enthusiasts and professional mechanics comes with an industrial-grade steel finishing.

The excellent super-tough welding on this jack makes it durable, sturdy, and able to hold up to 3 tons of load.

Get your vehicle up with the rapid pump of this jack effortlessly. This Pittsburgh automotive jack comes with a dual parallel pump, which converts your effort twice as fast. 

And with a maximum lifting height of 19 ¾ inches of the Pittsburgh automotive jack, you can get your vehicle up in no time. Moreover, the best floor jack universal joint release provides precise load control in any handle position.

Super slim design, with two steel wheels and two swivel casters, makes this Pittsburgh jack easy to maneuver and transport. The extra-wide steel wheels contribute to the stability of the jack while in use.


  • Low profile and super slim jack 
  • Quick lift with dual-piston 
  • Industrial grade steel 
  • Hydraulic valve system works great 


  • Squeaks while pumping, but it is nothing

07. Arcan Two Piece Handled Low Profile Quick Rise 2 Ton Floor Jack

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


Arcan is here again with a sleek, low-profile durable floor jack, known as the XL20. The XL20 is an incredibly lightweight floor jack, easy to transport with swiveling castors, and made with one thing in mind “versatility.”

The excellent design and steel construction of the Arcan XL20 makes it durable but can withstand heavyweight. This steel material used in constructing this high standard jack makes it have a load-bearing capacity of up to 2 tons.

The rubber saddle makes this jack study on the ground, while the foam handle bumper makes it soft to grip.

The dual piston in this Arcan XL20 jack makes it easy to raise your vehicle from the ground. And this Jack’s universal joint release mechanism makes it possible for you to precisely control the jack to a height ideal for your need.

Due to the slim nature of the XL20, it can fit low-profile vehicles of up to 3.5 inches and lift it as high as 18.5 inches.

Amongst the numerous features of the Arcan XL20, the reinforced lift arm makes this jack suitable for heavy-duty use. Designed with two pieces of handles, you can easily split the lift arm of the Arcan XL20, making it easy to store.

In terms of safety measures taken by Arcan, they ensured this jack complies with the ASME PASE-2014 safety standard to make this jack safe to use.

Also, the XL20 comes with a bypass and overload valve-like most hydraulic jack, which protects the jack from over-pumping or using it to lift vehicles beyond the weight limit.


  • Dual pump piston pumps faster 
  • Fits low profile vehicles 
  • Slowly lowers your vehicle 
  • Lightweight 


  • Few quality control issues 

08. Liftmaster Quick Lift Strengthened Rubber Pad Heavy Duty Steel Ton Floor Jack

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


Liftmaster, one of the well-respected manufacturers of professional tools, is behind this excellent floor jack. These low-profile Liftmaster floor jacks for lifted trucks is portable and suitable for quick lifts.

The heavy-duty steel construction of this Liftmaster floor jack makes it quite durable. When it comes to bearing load, the steel construction is well-designed to lift 3 tons of weight.

This Liftmaster jack also comes with long-lasting reinforced rugged handles. This jack lift arm is a two-piece steel handle, equipped with a foam bumper to prevent damage to your vehicle.


If you need a jack that will lift your vehicle quickly with little effort, then this Liftmaster jack has you covered in that aspect. The best floor jack for trucks’ dual-piston pump gives you twice as much result for every effort you apply.

Use a single pump piston jack to save yourself the hassle and use this Liftmaster dual-piston to get the job done in no time.

As with so many other low-profile jacks, the ultra-low entry point of this Liftmaster jack fits under almost any vehicle. It is a 3 inches low-profile jack that you can use to lift your truck, to a maximum of 20 inches.

Easy Transport

Although this Liftmaster jack is portable and lightweight, it comes with integrated wheels to make moving it around the garage easy. It features two heavy-duty wheels and two swiveling casters for easy maneuvering.


  • Affordable jack 
  • Heavy-duty and easy to use 
  • Ultra low profile jack 
  • Dual-piston pump 
  • Integrated wheels for maneuvering the jack in and around the garage 
  • Reinforced two steel handlebars 


  • Few quality control issues 

09. Pro-LifT 3.5 Ton Quick Lift High Power G-737 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


The Pro-Lift G-737 is another hydraulic jack, simple and easy to use to get you to your desired height quickly. It has a solid steel construction capable of lifting trucks and SUVs.

Like most jacks, it features a rolled side frame and rear swivel castors to maneuver the jack in the garage easily.

The magnetic tool tray, for example, is a convenient feature that helps you keep small parts in place while servicing your vehicle. This jack also has a universal joint release mechanism which helps with precision control.

Pro-Lift G-737 also comes with foam handles to provide you comfort while pumping. Furthermore, the rubber saddle pad helps to protect your vehicle while you work with this jack.

Unlike most low-profile jacks with very low minimum lifting range, the Pro-Lift G-737 has a minimum lifting capacity of 5 ½ inches. After setting this jack in place for lifting, with so little lifting force, you can raise your vehicle as high as 22 inches.

This professional-grade Pro-Lift G-737 jack is a highly durable steel jack weighing approximately 90 pounds. It is a bit heavier than most Jacks in its class.

This jack has a load-bearing capacity of up to 3 ½ tons.


  • Foam handle for comfort while pumping 
  • Heavy-duty steel construction 
  • Easy and straightforward to use 
  • Heavy-duty jack with a load-bearing capacity to lift 3 ½ tons


  • A bit bulky and heavier than most hydraulic floor jacks 

10. JEGS Lightweight Easy Lifted Low-Profile Aluminum 2 Ton Floor Jack

Best Floor Jack For Trucks


The JEGS 80006 is another excellent hydraulic jack ideal for lifting most cars, including trucks. Get this jack for your garage, and experience vehicle maintenance from another level.  

The aluminum construction of the JEGS 80006 makes it lightweight. It weighs approximately 49 pounds, yet it is durable enough to have a high load-bearing capacity. This jack can lift a 2 tons or 4000 pounds truck with ease.

Although this jack is a single-piston jack, it lifts your vehicle fast and with ease. This low profile floor jack reviews fits under almost any car with its minimum height of 3 ½ inches, and a maximum lifting height of 15 ¾ inches.

In terms of movement, the JEGS 80006 is highly mobile with wheels and handles. It features two saddles and two swiveling casters to maneuver this jack in the garage easily.

The two-sided handles make it easy to move and position the jack correctly.

This jack is safe to use with a knurled grip, which reduces slippage while pumping. Moreover, this jack also meets the ASME PASE 2014 standards.


  • Reinforced 50 inches lift arm 
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Easy to move around the garage 


  • Few quality control issues 

Best Floor Jack For Trucks– Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best low-profile jack goes beyond your budget. If you were to go by budget, you would still realize there are way too many floor jack for trucks in the market that will still leave you confused.

So, if you desire to get the best floor jack for lifted trucks, here are some factors you ought to put into consideration.  

Lifting Range

The lifting range in terms of the minimum lifting and maximum lifting capacity should be the first thing you check on any floor jack you are getting. Some vehicles are ultra-low profile, while others are quite high.

The distance between the ground and your vehicle determines the type of jack you can use. So if your vehicle is low-to-ground with a ground to vehicle distance of 3 inches.

You cannot use a floor jack with a minimum lifting capacity of 5 inches; the jack wouldn’t just fit under your vehicle. Ideally, it is also recommendable to get a floor jack that has a wide lifting range.

The wider the lifting range, the lesser work you’d have to do. Most floor jacks are hydraulic jacks, and they would not keep your truck up, so you would need to have support in place.

Load Bearing Capacity

The amount of load the lift can carry is another vital point to consider before buying any lift. If your vehicle weighs more than the load-bearing capacity of the jack, you should not use such a jack with your vehicle.

Forcing such a jack to lift your vehicle might damage the jack, or expose you to accidents like the vehicle falling. There are numerous floor jacks for lifted trucks with a load-bearing capacity of up to 3.5 tons and higher.

However, when getting a jack, it is recommendable to always go for a jack that has a load-bearing capacity above the weight of your vehicle. For example, if you own a truck weighing about 2 tons, a floor jack with a load-bearing capacity of 3 tons is ideal.

Construction Material

Another important thing to put into consideration is the type of construction material and the construction overall. First and foremost, you need to be sure the floor jack is sturdy enough to bear the weight of your vehicle.

Secondly, you need to ensure the materials used in making the floor jack are incredibly strong and suitable for heavy-duty. If the construction material does not meet certain standards, it would not be able to stand the test of time.

Moreover, poor construction would mean a floor jack that breaks, leaks oils, or rust easily amongst other cons. With that in mind, when you are in the market, seek a floor jack made of steel or aluminum as these materials hardly break or bend.

However, don’t let your choice be all about strong construction so that you don’t end up getting an overly heavy floor jack.

Safety Features

Floor jacks come with safety features that protect it from overloading or over-pumping. The best floor jack safety and bypass valve are safety features added on a floor jack for safer operation.

What these valves do is that when the load on the jack exceeds the maximum bearing capacity, it won’t lift it. Likewise, after pumping this jack to the maximum, the valve prevents pumping any extra pressure into the cylinder.

Apart from that, make sure the jack you are getting is ANSI and ASME certified.

Number of cylinders

The number of cylinders in a hydraulic jack relates to the ease at which you can lift a truck. Most hydraulic jacks come with either a single piston or dual piston.

When getting a hydraulic jack, you should target getting one with more piston as it would make it easy for you to lift your vehicle. However, be careful when getting a hydraulic jack with more than one piston.

Because the more the piston, the more complicated the jack will be to maintain.

Jacking Point on your Vehicle

Last but not the list, check out the jacking point of the jack to your vehicle. Some jacks fit only specific vehicles. So, when deciding, inspect the jacking point to be sure it is compatible with your vehicle.

And if you are going for a hydraulic jack, check the diameter of the head.

Check These Queries About Best Floor Jack For Lifted Trucks

Q. 1: What kind of floor jack do I need for a truck?

A: A rule of thumb to consider when getting the best floor jack for trucks is that your truck should weigh three-quarters of the gross load-bearing capacity of the floor jack.

Consider this analogy; if your vehicle weighs 3000 pounds, you should target a floor jack with a load-bearing capacity of 4000 pounds or more.

Moreover, most trucks weigh between 5000 and 7000 pounds, and using this analogy, you would need a floor jack with a load-bearing capacity between 7000 and 9500 pounds should suffice.  

Q. 2: Can you jack up a truck by the axle?

A: Yes, you can jack up a truck by the axle. If you are not getting the desired height you need with your floor jack, then you can place the jack anywhere on the axle to get extra inches.

If you have a stock bottle jack, you can make use of that instead, as it is safer. However, as a safety tip, always lock the center differential fire, so the VC does not let the truck roll off the jack halfway through the project.

Q. 3: Are aluminum floor jacks safe?

A: On comparing aluminum floor jack with other materials used in making floor jack, you will realize it is lighter in weight than the rest. Because of aluminum lightweight nature, you cannot help but ask the question if the aluminum floor jack is safe to use.

To put that answer in summary, yes, aluminum floor jacks are safe to use for heavy-duty lifting. Moreover, aluminum is generally durable and hardly breaks under load.  

Q. 4: Is it ok to jack up a truck by the differential?

A: When you look at the purpose of the differential design in a vehicle, you will notice that it should be able to support the weight of your vehicle.

In other words, the differential should have no problem lifting your vehicle.

Q. 5: Is a 2-ton jack enough for a minivan?

A: If you own a minivan, getting a 2-ton jack should be enough to provide you with s safe working load limit. You shouldn’t have any problem in terms of the weight-bearing capacity of the jack.

However, some four-wheel-drive minivans are high off the ground, so getting a low-profile 2-ton jack might not be ideal. Moreover, using a jack at its fully extended height is not advisable because it will not be very stable. 

Q. 6: Are ramps safer than jack stands?

A: If you are a DIY enthusiast who loves to do your oil changes or routine maintenance yourself, you must have been puzzled by this question. But in summary, ramps are safer to use than jack stands.

The reason is that ramps provide a wider surface area for support than jack stands, which makes your vehicle more stable while you fix it. Nevertheless, floor jacks for lifted truck stands have a place in your garage, but in terms of safety, ramps supersede the jack stand.

Q. 7: Do you need to use a jack stand with a hydraulic jack or lift?

A: Yes, for added safety, you need to use a jack stand together with a hydraulic jack. There are so many reports of hydraulic jack failure, which should tell you not to depend on a hydraulic jack to lift your vehicle solely.

Moreover, using only a hydraulic jack to lift your vehicle creates a potentially unbalanced lift because you are only jacking up one point.

Q. 8: Difference between a trolley jack and a floor jack?

A: The major difference between a trolley jack and a floor jack is that a trolley jack is quite big, with a long pole and springs attached to it, while a floor jack is lighter and easier to carry.

Trolley jacks are ideal for heavy vehicles, while floor jacks are for minivans, SUVs, and saloon cars. In terms of affordability, floor jack reviews are more affordable than trolley jacks.

Likewise, in terms of setting up, floor jacks are easier and straightforward to set up than trolley jacks.

Q. 9: What can I use instead of a jack stand?

A: In place of using a jack stand, you could use a mini ramp as they are inexpensive. Some very low ramps designs will lift the front of your vehicle by its tires.

Unlike jacks that require maintenance like oil changes and so on, mini rams do not come with such drawbacks. Other alternatives you can try out include woodblocks, and a full-fledged 2-post and 4-post lift.

Q. 10: How long does a hydraulic jack last?

A: Under proper usage and maintenance, a hydraulic jack should last indefinitely as long as you the pressure remains in the cylinder. However, depending on the brand of hydraulic jacks, some jacks do not stay up for long.

Nevertheless, you should never solely depend on a hydraulic jack to keep your vehicle elevated. Hydraulic jacks commonly fail, and that is why you should never depend on a hydraulic jack to keep your vehicle up.

How does Work the Best Floor Jack For Trucks

Final Words

In summary, after reviewing this top 10 best floor jack for trucks, we believe by now you are one step closer to getting that perfect jack ideal for your garage.

However, what is important is that you always take note of the lifting range and the load-bearing capacity of the jack before purchasing it.

Don’t be too quick to buy a floor jack, always inspect the construction, and type of material used to build it. Always ensure the jack is durable enough to stand the test of time. And most importantly, make sure the jack is easy to use and maintain.

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