Best F150 Seat Covers Review 2021: Top 10 with Buying Guide

A trip to the countryside or a weekend getaway is not complete until you have the best F150 seat covers for your comfort.

Often ignored, but seat covers are an essential accessory for any vehicle to maintain its original shine and décor.

Investing in quality seat covers makes traveling better and ensures the longevity of the upholsteries. Comfort, protection, and minimal mess inside the vehicle keep things simple and luxurious.

An effortless cleaning process provides you and your kids a happy and satisfactory place to be in a while away from home.

For most vehicle owners, seat covers’ durability and breathability make driving easier while also making it an enjoyable one. 

But with a vast number of options and varieties of seat covers from different sellers, choosing the appropriate one is quite tricky. To help you with the same below is a compilation of some of the best options.

Best Seat Covers For Ford F150: Top Choice

The 10 Best F150 Seat Covers Review 2021

Along with their essential characteristics, teach one of them also has its respective share of pros and cons. We are hopeful that this review will assist you in analyzing and deciding better. Without further delay, let’s get started. 

01. Rough Country Water Resistant Front and Rear Neoprene Seat Covers

Best F150 Seat Covers


For avoiding soiling the seats of your Ford F-150, a durable and high-quality seat cover is a must. Rough Country’s neoprene seat covers are an excellent option for those who travel frequently. Since long trips also involve longer seating duration, this cover ensures utmost comfortability.

Further, its claim to resist maximum mud and dust is also valid to a great extent. As a result, you will have minimal dust inside the vehicle, which is quite manageable to clean. A gentle wipe with a mild liquid soap is all you need to do to eliminate any dust. Its superb fitting is another feature to look out for. 

Due to the sturdy built of the cover, it gives a long-lasting service. The combination of four layers of different materials is the reason behind it. Along with the outer layer made of neoprene, there is a consecutive layer of foam and polyester. The foam gives comfort to both buttocks and back while also preventing easy tears. 

Wherever necessary, there are gaps to equip the handles required for adjusting the seat. Hence, after covering the rear with the cover, you can still manage to adjust the seat back and forth. Further, there are pockets on the backside of the two front seats for holding utilities. 

Using the cover is not complex at all. One can easily install it without any professional help. With perfects straps, zips, and hooks, there is a perfect fitting. Moreover, to complete the look, the straps and buckles are not visible directly. 


  • Fast installation 
  • Includes headrest covers
  • Reliable and breathable
  • No difficulty in accessing airbags


  • Requires some adjustment during installation

02. LUCKYMAN CLUB Faux Leather Front and Back Seat Covers fit for Ford

Best F150 Seat Covers


Owners of Ford F-150 are often obsessed with enhancing the looks of their vehicles. Along with exteriors, interior enhancement is possible with a change of seat covers. Seat covers from LUCKY MAN CLUB instantly brighten up the looks, and that too without much effort.

The presence of red-colored piping gives it an extra edge over the classic black color cover. Both the front seats have gaps on either side to provide airbags to pop up whenever necessary. 

For hands-free travel, LUCKY MAN CLUBS seat covers provide two pockets on the backside of both the front seats. Instead of making a mess in the car, you can store documents and other small items in them.

All the seat belt holders expose from the cover so that no one travels without attaching it to the receivers. Thus, making sure to give safety a priority. 

The entire seat cover has textures on the backrest and the sitting areas. Those who travel often will be a relief as they reduce the stress from the back and spine. Long hours of travel no longer feel tiring, neither does the back hurts.

Since softness is the essential criterion in seats, this brand provides enough of it. None of the seats feel hard or stiff, instead, it gives a cushion-like feel. Although the seats are waterproof, if you spill any liquid or food, cleaning with a wet towel is enough. 


  • Zipper for the availability of armrest
  • Invisible straps for perfect fitting
  • Smooth and tear-resistant 
  • It gives back a brand-new look


  • Manual difficult to follow

03. LUCKY MAN CLUB High-resistant Waterproof Faux Leather Full Set Seat Covers

Best F150 Seat Covers


Another accomplished seat cover from LUCKY MAN CLUB is this one for your Ford F-150. Here, the primary difference is the absence of red piping between the textures of the fabric.

Its soft yet thick leather ensures utmost comfort and supports the body with frequent traveling schedules. Besides, it does not wear off quickly and can withstand extreme conditions. In case of spilling any liquid, a regular towel is adequate to wipe it off. 

All the seat covers have gaps on their respective sides to enable passengers or drivers to buckle their seat belts. Secondly, there is exposure for airbags to ensure security for all.

Regular cleaning of this seat cover is not an issue; neither is it expensive. Simple dusting and wiping are ideal for achieving a clean and tidy look. 

If you have enough time to install the cover patiently, the handbook will help. In case you are in a hurry or have a busy schedule, ask for professional or experienced help. Improper installation will not fit the fabric perfectly and may later require frequent adjustments. 

Both the innermost layer and the outer layer of the fabric is smooth and soft. The classic black color of the cover upgrades the look of the car instantly. Its smooth finish is soft to touch and has no pointed strings or pins protruding that may harm. 


  • Suitable to other seats like F-150
  • Durable multi-layer padding
  • Enough cotton layer for softness
  • Zippered seat to expose cup-holder


  • Straps have fixing difficulty

04. Aierxuan High Quality Material Car Seat Covers Complete F-150

Best F150 Seat Covers



Seat covers for your vehicle are a necessity than a want, especially if you own cars like Ford F-150. A good seat cover like Aierxuan not only provides comfort but also ensures to add extra beauty.

Instead of purchasing separate covers for the rear and back seats, all five seats have a complete set. The padded and cushion-like feel of the seats provides support to both the back and the head. Thus, if you have back issues, make sure to align with the spinal cord. 

Due to perfect fitting and standard materials, the liquid mess cannot seep into the interiors. Thus, being a water-resistant fabric, the internal padding remains intact. Besides, you can clean it effortlessly with a clean cloth. A brand-new feel is an instant reaction.

Since most seat covers start damaging due to minor scratches, Aierxuan’s false leather safeguards tear from them. Those with kids in the family can remain tension-free while playing inside the vehicle. Its wear-resistant ability certifies its longevity.

If you are planning to put in the cover by yourself, the necessary accessories accompany the central unit. Further, a guidebook helps in the process. Gaps are available in all required areas like airbags and belt holders. 


  • Sides of headrest exposed
  • No changes in temperature-regulated seats
  • Enhances interior looks
  • Straps available for extra securing


  • Improper installation may incur tears

05. CarsCover 2015-2018 Highly Water-resistant Custom Fit Car Front Seat Covers

Best F150 Seat Covers


One of the advantageous features of neoprene seat covers is their heat and moisture resisting capabilities. CarsCover has a neoprene layer in its seat covers and confirms durability just like leather ones.

If you are looking for these features for replacing the present seat covers for your Ford, this is an appropriate option. By restoring the original seat’s material and preventing its damage from regular usage, CarsCover is available at an affordable price.

For overall protection, there are separate covers, each for the driver and passenger’s seat.

The neoprene layer in this cover does not let the stain settle in. In case there is accidentally any mess inside the vehicle, a gentle wash or wipe with a wet towel will remove it. Thus, it has low maintenance and saves a lot of costs. 

Manufactured specially to fit F-150, this seat cover gives a hug-tight fitting to both the front seats. A dual-colored body enhances the vehicle’s look and keeps it welcoming every time you start a trip. Since each seat cover has separate sections if necessary, you can take the specific one out for cleaning.

The inclusion of two pairs of straps in both the bottom seats helps in achieving proper fitting. Once places, they do not displace from their position. There are no adjusting issues while traveling through an uneven path.


  • Light in weight and long-lasting
  • Keep’s belt buckles exposed
  • Resistant to heat and rays
  • Includes pockets on the backside


  • Installation requires experience

06. OASIS AUTO High-Quality Material Leather Set Covers Compatible with F-150

Best F150 Seat Covers


For a luxurious driving and riding experience, a quality seat cover matters along with mechanical specifications. Seat covers from OASIS AUTO are durable and attractive and offer quite a few colors to choose from.

Installing new covers changes the vehicle’s entire look from the interior and keeps it neat and tidy. Suppose you do not have any experience installing seat covers, check out the videos that the company offers.

Although they are not very easy to install, they will require some concentration and effort.

With proper installation, the seat covers do not fall off or slip while the vehicle is in motion. Even while driving, they give enough support to the back and thus prevent back pain. Multiple layers on the seat cover make it a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the ride. 

The use of synthetic leather in this seat cover is surprisingly better than the original leather. Apart from being environment-friendly, it is resistant to scratches and does not wear quickly.

Secondly, it does not fade easily and thus is heat and UV rays resistant, too. The seat cover remains in good condition for a long duration.

Suppose you remain concerned with often cleaning and washing the present seat cover. In that case, a lot of relaxation will incur after you replace them with these. Instead of regular washing, a gentle wipe with a wet cloth is sufficient.

However, ensure to do a deep-cleaning process once in a while to maintain hygiene.  


  • Compatible with heated seats
  • It gives an authentic look
  • Straps and hooks are available 
  • High-quality materials 


  • Demo video challenging to understand

07. Durafit Seat Covers F369-XD3-C Waterproof Endura Fabric Set Cover

Best F150 Seat Covers


A comfortable and supportive car seat is necessary for every driver, which is often overlooked. To avoid backache and other spine issues, a well-structured seat cover is a must. All you have to do is lookout for a reliable and perfectly fitting cover.

One such preference can be the seat covers from Durafit. Customizing their products as per the vehicle’s needs is an attractive feature and thus gives a tight fit to the seats. 

Being a protective cover on the existing upholstery prevents it from staining, mud, and dust. Since the vehicle’s upholstery is delicate and expensive, regular washing and cleaning ruin its actual shine.

Further, the foam and layers within get affected and may not remain intact. Duravit’s covers are waterproof, and thus, the liquid does not seep into the internal layers. Thus, preventing extra cost. 

The fabric of the seat cover has high tensile strength and does not tear off easily. The presence of printed material amplifies the looks and uplifts the mood. All the stitches are strong enough to withstand harsh conditions. 

If you are a pet owner, the fabric is soft and comfortable for pets during travel. Every pet will relax and have a good travel time. In case of a mild behavior change, there will b no damages to the fabric. However, it is better to use dog muzzles and shorten their nails to avoid accidents. 


  • Heavy-duty fabric for all seasons
  • Brightens up the interiors 
  • Easy to wash in machines
  • If stained, easy to clean


  • Color fades in due course

08. Covercraft SSC2485CAGY High Quality Front Row Custom Fit Set Cover

Best F150 Seat Covers


Seat covers play an important part in safe driving as discomfort is a primary reason behind road accidents. Covercraft is manufacturing seat covers customized especially for F-150 since 1965 and has enough reasons to be on this list.

Its easy installation requires less time and effort and thus needs less maintenance. Along with adding maximum comfort, it also keeps the interiors warmer by absorbing excessive moisture. 

The use of this seat cover helps to relax to some extent as it comes easier to clean. It keeps the upholstery in its original condition by preventing the settling of stains, mud, or dust. However, if you drop drinks, it allows machine washing. 

Double stitches in the entire seat cover strengthen the beauty of the fabric and make it durable. Since it does not tear from the edges quickly, they are easy to stretch while installing. As a result, it gives a tight-fitting on the seats and does not move from its position. 

The seat covers do not obstruct the seat belt holders or receivers to assist the driver and other passengers in maintaining traffic rules. Customization as per the frame of the vehicle leaves gaps in each of the seats for better convenience.

Separate covers for armrests and headrest makes it easier to use them as per requirement.


  • Waterproof fabric is easy to wipe
  • Stylish look with stitched logo
  • Supportive foam in the backrest
  • Pockets for minimizing clutter


  • Gaps missing for airbags

09. Aierxuan High-Quality Leather Fabric Custom Fit Set Cover Comfortable with F-150

Best F150 Seat Covers


Aierxuan is in business for over a decade and thus has quite impressive reviews from customers. Along with seat covers, the brand also specializes in floor mats and steering covers.

Maintenance of standard materials makes them a well-known brand among other affordable seat covers. Since comfort is the primary importance that every passionate vehicle owner seeks, you must consider this seat cover.

Its easy cleaning is an advantage who have a packed schedule throughout the week. 

The combination of black and red patterns on the seat cover upgrades the look of the interiors. Hence, it is ideal for those looking to give a new look to the old vehicle. Likewise, if your car is new, it ensures to protect the upholstery. 

Pockets available at the backside of the two front seats keep the minimal mess inside the car. Further, it is also easy to search in one place rather than misplacing essential documents or accessories under the sets. 

Since most owners are not capable of self-installing seat covers, you can ask for experienced help. However, this seat cover is easier to use than others and includes a guidebook for easy understanding. 


  • Standard quality of the fabric
  • Multiple layers ensure durability
  • Water-resistant and stain-free
  • Customized for upholstery-hug fit


  • Too much stretch incurs tear

10. Totally Covers High-Quality Material Truck Set Cover Compatible with Ford F-150

Best F150 Seat Covers


If you are looking for beautification along with soft and breathable fabric while purchasing a new seat cover, you may consider this. Apart from the classic black-gray set cover, it features a wide range of color combinations to choose from, as per your taste and car color.

Its super comfortable fabric and one-piece cover for the seat and headrest give a different look to the vehicle. However, a separate cover accompanies the console. 

For ensuring maximum support to the body while traveling, the seat covers have more than one layer. As a result, the seating area feels like a soft cushion that supports the back and the spine in a long journey.

Multiple layers also promote durability and last longer than single-layered covers. 

Padding in the seats with foam prevents damaging the upholstery while moving across uneven roadways. Along with the protection of the vehicle, it also protects damaging the body by minimizing bouncing. 

The seat cover’s soft texture adds comfort and is also manageable to clean in case there is a mess. Further, regular cleaning and dusting are easier. The patterns are well-visible and help in enhancing the look altogether. 


  • It fits perfectly on the seats
  • Installation is not very complicated
  • Hooks for secure attachments 
  • Fits around cup-holders


  • No proper installation instruction

User Buying Consideration for Best F150 Seat Covers

Above mentioned best seat covers for Ford F150 hopefully enlightens you about the various features of each seller. However, while you set out to purchase and try concluding it to one of them, it will be a challenging procedure.

With such a wide variety of seat covers to choose from, it is okay to confuse yourself. For making the process easier, there is a compilation of a few points that you must look into while purchasing the best seat cover for F150. 

Affordable Price

The seat cover price range is the first thing that must concern you if you are on a budget constraint. For ensuring convenience, it is better to pre-decide a budget and select the ones that fall under an affordable range.

Many sellers also offer many deals and discounts at different intervals, further reducing the price during purchase. 

Compact Size

Before you choose the seat cover, ensure that it fits the seats of the F-150. Most sellers offer customized sets that fit perfectly in both front and back seats. For the seamless fitting, there must be adjustable straps, clips, zippers, or hooks.

These will also secure the fitting, and there are minimal chances of displacement during heavy bounces on an uneven road. 

Different Types

Although there are various types of seat covers available for F-150, some of the common ones are:

  • Neoprene Covers

No effect on seat covers due to moisture is an excellent advantage of neoprene covers. Further, they are resistant to heat and have a low impact on the upholsteries during an impact.

  • Velour Covers

Seat covers with velour material are soft and add extra comfort. These are usually attainable in different colors and styles and offer a wide range to choose from, as per taste. 

  • Synthetic Leather Covers

Their ability to withstand scratches makes them a reliable option for those involved in heavy-duty work. With less to no change under UV rays, it maintains its original shine for a much more extended period. Moreover, it is easy to wipe and clean. 

Safety & Precaution

While choosing a seat cover for vehicles like f-150, it is essential to check the fabric’s quality. A high-tensile-strength fabric does not tear off easily and lasts longer. Besides, any seat cover must have gaps for enabling the passenger or driver to use the seat belts.

Airbag compatibility is also a crucial point to ignore, as it is a life savior during accidental impacts. Heat-resisting seat covers prevent them from over-heating. A suitable seat cover for your F-150 will create an overall impression while also ensuring overall safety.

Functionality Diversity

The chosen seat cover should not just be a covering of the upholstery. For better protection, a padded seat cover with multiple layers is essential. Those with quality and textured backrests help in supporting the back and relieve pressure from the spine.

A comfortable seat cover enhances the look of the vehicle, both a new or an older one. If preferred, you can also choose the one which has contrasting-colored piping. It is essential to ensure that the stitches are doubled up to maintain maximum sturdiness.

Secure stitches ensure that the seams will not tear up while installing the cover. Check if the seat cover includes required accessories for installation and handbook or detailed instructions. 

Since some people struggle in installing seat covers, it is necessary to look out for a detailed video guide or a properly instructed manual. In case you do not have the time or experience, seek professional help.

Improper fitting will displace the cover from its position and will require frequent adjustments. 

Final Verdict

As we conclude the review for the best f150 seat covers, we hope to give all the necessary details that you were looking for. Seat covers, although some do not pay them much importance, but is a security need.

Comfort while driving ensures a better riding experience and prevents life-threatening accidents. A quality seat cover will improve the overall look and avoid damaging the upholstery. As a result, your vehicle will have increased longevity and improve fellow passengers’ riding quality.

Best f-150 seat covers do not require regular maintenance, but a gentle wipe is necessary to get rid of dust if any. Choose the one that suits your needs, is convenient, and includes all the essential features.

Thus, if you want to upgrade your seats, get an efficient, sturdy, and durable seat cover at the earliest. 

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