Top 10 Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews 2021 with Buying Guides and FAQs

In this article, we shortlisted some of the best F150 EcoBoost tuner reviews. To understand tuners, we need to first talk about a vehicle’s ECU (brains).

Most modern vehicles come with a drivetrain that is electronically controlled by software logic maps stored in the ECU.

Thanks to these logical maps, also called tune files, we can control hundreds of parameters that affect the behavior of the drivetrain like the gear shift, engine rev limit, ignition timing, valve timing, and fuel injection amongst others.

Upgrading the tuner of a vehicle allows you to write new tune files to the ECU by connecting it through the vehicle’s OBD.

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner for the Money

The 10 Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews 2021

However, note that Ford’s F150 EcoBoost engine already utilizes direct fuel injection and turbocharging to boost the vehicle’s MPG and performance.

But the following tuners in this review will take the engine efficiency and power to the next level.

01. Bully Dog – 40420 Haeands Up Display GT Diesel Tuner and Monitor

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


The Bully Dog GT 40420 is an all-in-one compact electronic device. Or better still a four products in one: diagnostic device, gauge, monitor, and engine tuner.

With this tuner, you can tune the performance as well as monitor your vehicle’s performance.

Increase the fuel efficiency, and get more horsepower from your truck with this Bully Dog’s legendary tuner.

One of the features of this tuner that comes in very handy is the dynamic LCD screen. Monitor over 15 parameters at a glance with the beautiful display on this tuner.

More so, the full-color display comes with multiple themes including day and nighttime driving modes.  

Bully Dog 40420 tuner is a versatile tuner that effectively monitors the performance of vehicles with gauge function. Also, one can use this tuner to measure the fuel rail pressure, coolant temperature & engine RPM.

Moreover, the air intake temperature, throttle position, battery voltage, transmission temperature are also highly effective.

Another special feature that sticks out in this tuner is the driving coach that allows drivers to drive more efficiently. With real-time visual and audio feedback, drivers can use it to teach themselves better driving habits.

Also, this feature provides drivers with a grade on how efficient they drove during a trip, which makes driving fun, constructive, and efficient.

Bully Dog programmed this GT diesel tuner with multiple preloaded tune files for added convenience.

For drivers who want more customization, they can choose from up to 10 custom tune files with this tuner to match their vehicle and performance needs.

Besides, the GT tuner can be used as a diagnostic tool to clear and diagnose trouble codes for proper engine operation.


  • Wide application 
  • Free internet updates 
  • Exclusive driving coach feature 
  • Dynamic gauge display 


  • Takes too long to come out of engine warm-up mode

02. Pedal Commander – PC18 Throttle Response Controller Tuner with Bluetooth

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


Another fascinating tuner compatible with the Ford F150 is the Pedal-Commander PC18 tuner. With this tuner, you can dramatically improve the utility of your vehicle by improving fuel economy, increasing horsepower, and provide a comprehensive set of diagnostic and monitoring functions. 4

Unlike other tuners, the Pedal-Commander PC18 is incomparable because of its wide range of vehicle applications and numerous features.

Pedal Commander designed this tuner such that it connects in-line to your vehicle’s accelerator position sensor in a way that it doesn’t void your maintenance plan or leave any trace on the ECU. To simply put, this tuner is an easy plug-and-play system.

It takes only a couple of minutes to install. And best of all is that anyone can do the installation. 

In total, this tuner comes with 36 different settings that give you full control over a vehicle’s throttle response. Pedal-Commander designed this tuner with four control modes.

And each mode has an additional 9 settings, which allows users to fine-tune to the sensitivity of their liking.

Equipped with four different modes: Sport mode, Sport+ mode, Eco mode, and City mode. Each Mode comes with its fair share of advantage that gives drivers optimal efficiency from their vehicle.

For example, the sport mode allows spirited drivers to accelerate a lot faster than eco or city mode. The sport+ mode comes in handy with an extreme high-performance response, letting vehicles accelerate like a race car.

City mode gives vehicles a response like an old school throttle cable. While the eco mode allows drivers can maximize fuel economy by more than 20%.

With the Eco mode, drivers can save up to 20% on fuel consumption. Additionally, the Pedal-Commander significantly slow response comes in handy when talking about increasing fuel efficiency with the Ford F150 Raptor MPG.


  • User-friendly, adjustable, and easy to install 
  • Bluetooth compatible 
  • Wouldn’t void your vehicles factory maintenance plan 
  • Eliminates lag in throttle response 


  • Increased fuel consumption in Sport and Sport+ modes

03. Edge 85450 High-Resolution Display Edge Evolution Tuner

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


Edge 85450 or the Evolution CTS2 is a mix of innovation and quality in one tuner. As an in-cabin programmer and tuner, this Edge tuner makes the ultimate package for diesel and gas performance tuning.

The Edge 85450 resides in the cab of vehicles and functions with a simple HDMI style plug to the OBDII (diagnostic port) for power and linking making installation very easy.   

Edge designed this tuner with a sleek, slim case and a wide full color, high-resolution display.

The wide 5-inch swipe screen offers drivers the flexibility of multiple gauge screen layouts like the EGT (exhaust gas temperature), transmission temp, boost readings, percentage of fuel left, and more.

Additionally, the 5-inch easy-to-read screen displays digital and analog-style options with an automatic dim and bright response to ambient light.

Edge designed this tuner with numerous customizable settings and can be installed without having to pop the hood of the vehicle. The Evolution CTS2 can greatly increase the torque and horsepower of the vehicle.

As well as tune the shift points, shift firmness, fuel pressure, mileage, daily driving, towing, and performance.

Not only does it retune the vehicle, but it also features real-time monitoring of the vitals of the engine data for a complete gauge package.

Not only do drivers get an increased performance thanks to the numerous adjustable settings, but this tuner also improves throttle response.

To simply put, this tuner gives vehicles that extra power to race down the track, tow, increase fuel economy, and improve drivability. Fine-tune the speed and rev of vehicles to a sensitivity that feels right with this tuner.

Want to learn more about your vehicle? Then configure it with this tuner to view all the parameters available to monitor like the torque gain, horsepower, and all the custom options like the tire size calibration, and so on.


  • One-touch easy menu navigation 
  • Enhances performance and better gas mileage 
  • Displays up to 8 parameters at once 
  • Built-in accelerometer 


  • Quite expensive

04. Hypertech 2000 Automatic Transmission Adjustments Tuner with Max Energy 2.0

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


Hypertech 2000 or Max Energy 2.0 is a power programmer that optimizes a vehicle’s engine for maximum performance and power. Plus, it takes less than 15 minutes to install this tuner in a vehicle with no tools required.

Max Energy 2.0 adds maximum torque, horsepower, and performance to vehicles using regular, premium, E85, or diesel fuel.

Hypertech designed this tuner with a large backlit LCD screen. Thanks to this user-friendly screen, navigation through several adjustable settings is easier, as well as setup.

For better low-speed performance without having to sacrifice drivability, use the selectable 0-60 throttle restriction on this tuner.

Hypertech designed this tuner with multiple torque management system combinations allowing drivers the option to choose the best combination under all driving conditions.

Hypertech went as far as allowing users to tune the throttle response setting, allowing you to customize the power delivery to suit their driving style and condition.

Hypertech also designed this tuner with an adjustable automatic transmission such that users can tune the shift firmness, shift response, TCC slip, 1-4 skip shift, and shift points.

The shift response tuning allows users to tailor the transmission downshift and upshift response time to fit their driving style and condition.

Also, the Max Energy 2.0 lets users lower and raise the shift points by 100 RPM for quicker acceleration, performance, and better ¼ mile times.

During light load conditions such as steady speed cruising, this tuner optimizes the amount of fuel consumption of vehicles, thereby improving fuel economy.

Vehicle manufacturers developed V4/V8 modes for better fuel economy, but combining these modes with this tuner turns vehicles into a fuel-sipping 4 cylinder.


  • Internet updatable 
  • Raises engine’s RPM 
  • Can be used to recalibrate the speedometer for tire size  
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes 


  • The display screen is not colored 

05. Edge Products 15051 Internet Updatable Evolution Programmer Tuner

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


Edge 15051 tuner or Evolution programmer for Ford F150 allows drivers to monitor the performance of vital parts of their engine. It is also responsible for a substantial increase in the power and torque gain of vehicles.

Edge designed this tuner to fit in vehicles as its custom-designed mold makes this Evolution tuner look like it came with the vehicle.

To easily monitor the vitals of a vehicle’s engine, Edge designed this tuner with a backlit LCD screen. On the screen, users can fit up to four settings for easy monitoring of a vehicle’s engine vitals.

On the other hand, this tuner also sounds an alert when a certain engine parameter level is met, making it easier to monitor vital parts of a vehicle.

When used in its programmer mode, this tuner provides users with three power levels: performance, tow, and transmission.

Each mode is designed to give Ford F150 an incredible gain in horsepower and torque at the best optimal fuel consumption.

On most vehicles, this tuner can provide a gain of up to 50-foot torque or 35 horsepower.

Many people buy a tuner mainly for its fuel-efficient feature. For the Evolution programmer, the special mileage tune is designed to extract maximum performance at a low octane fuel consumption.

One thing that makes a tuner versatile is its customizable option. Edge built this tuner with several customizable options like the customized shifting, and WOT fuel adjustments.

Users can also adjust the brightness of the backlit and color to suit day or night driving. As well, after upgrading a vehicle’s tire, users can also recalibrate the speedometer for accurate readings on this tuner.


  • Internet updatable 
  • Scan tool features 
  • Audio alert 
  • Programs in minutes 


  • The display screen is not colored 

06. Bully Dog – 40460B Removable Monitor GTX Performance Tuner and Monitor

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


Install the Bully Dog 40460B tuner on any vehicle and say hello to a new vehicle. Simply hook this tuner to vehicles via the OBDII diagnostic port and take control of the vehicle.

Also, the many adjustable features such as the transmission shift point adjustment, speedometer correction, speed limiter, gauge monitoring, and so on make this a robust tool at your disposal.

Bully Dog designed this tuner to mount easily in the cabin of any vehicle. As such, it comes with a convenient grab-and-go magnetic mounting system that lets drivers keep this monitor secure in the cabin when not in use.

One of the first observable features of this tuner is the advanced 5-inch capacitive glass touch screen. Gauges are displayed with elegant graphics on their brilliant HD color screen.

The touch sensitivity of the screen provides an ultra-responsive user experience. Also, the user-friendly interface is fully customizable.

Bully Dog designed this tuner with the GTX performance programmer, which allows users to reimagine the performance of their vehicles with no computer necessary for programming.

Loaded with powerful features and up-to-date advanced hardware to make this tuner one of the easiest to use on the market. GTX comes preloaded with multiple tuning levels and the ability to hold over 20 custom tunes.

With the Wi-Fi compatibility of this tuner, the GTX performance programmer can receive custom tunes around the country. While other tuners come with outdated tune files, Bully Dog allows users to download the latest files tailored for their vehicle.

Over-the-air updates are also possible on this tuner, which means custom files from Bully Dog can be remotely installed without the need to plug them into your computer.  


  • HD colored touchscreen 
  • Wi-Fi compatible 
  • Grab and go magnetic mounting 
  • Works as diagnostic tools 


  • Customer service needs improvement 

07. DiabloSport 8145 i3 Platinum Performance Programmer Tuner

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


The DiabloSport 8145 3rd generation inTune tuner comes with preinstalled tunes and multiple octane ratings, which ensures maximum performance out of fuel.

DiabloSport also designed this i3 tuner to solve the EFI needs of users. This tuner is light and handheld, and at the same time provides users with real-time vehicle data logs for easy monitoring.

Featuring this tuner is the latest generation ARM processor and a high-resolution display LCD screen.

DiabloSport designed this tuner with an exceptional touch-responsive screen that makes navigation through the various settings a breeze.

If not for anything, get this DiabloSport tuner for its diagnostic function. With the OBDII connectivity to vehicles, this tuner can search for any problem with vehicles and give tips on how to fix it.

And with over 100 MB of storage space, it is possible to store and record a large amount of data on this tuner.

For a handheld tuner, the i3 inTune comes with a ton of preloaded tunes. And the best part is that it is one of the least expensive handheld tuners currently available.

It includes tunes for fuel economy, which allows users to squeeze some extra MPGs out of their vehicle if they aren’t interested in performance.

If the reason you got a tuner in the first place is to get more out of the performance of your vehicle, then this tuner is just right for you.

DiabloSport i3 inTune tuner comes with tunes for every single octane you can get at the pump, including an 87 octane performance tune.


  • Affordably priced 
  • High-performance tuner 
  • Different variations of preloaded tunes 
  • Diagnostic tool 


  • Sometimes it doesn’t bring much difference in performance as it claims 

08. Mishimoto MMINT-F150-15BK Internal Fin Design Tuner With Ford F-150 EcoBoost

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


With this Mishimoto tuner, your vehicle’s engine will reach a better level of performance.

Like an intercooler, Mishimoto designed this tuner to cool engines down with the help of both an increase in core volume and external fin surface area.

Users can experience a temperature drop of about 10 degrees while using this tuner. Mishimoto designed this tuner to directly fit the 2015+ Ford F150 EcoBoost.

It also fits other models like the 2017+ Ford Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost, the 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator 3.5L EcoBoost, and the 2018-2019 Ford Expedition 3.5L EcoBoost.

Mishimoto also designed this tuner with a cast end tank as well as bar and plate construction. The durable bar and plate cores provide engines with maximum heat transfer and at the same time effectively reduces the AIT.

One of the main benefits of using this tuner is because it works effectively in lowering the temperature of most vehicle’s engines.

So, whether you need an upgraded core for the truck you use for work, or an intercooler that can handle high boost, this Mishimoto tuner got you covered.  It can reduce air intake temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit or 5.5 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, this tuner features large cores that increase the internal core volume by 77%. Similarly, with this tuner, users can get a 163% increase in external fin surface area.

Conventionally, the internal core and external fin surface area allow for maximum heat transfer with a minimal pressure drop.


  • Durable all-aluminum construction 
  • Installs within minutes 
  • Smooth operation
  • The design allows maximum heat transfer 


  • Quite expensive 

09. Superchips 1845 Active Fuel Management Control Tuner with Big Like New Cond

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


Pack a punch on your gas and diesel engine with this tuner designed to impress. The Superchips Flashpaq is designed to improve the torque, horsepower, and fuel economy of a Ford F150 and other vehicles alike.

And with extensive vehicle coverage, this handheld tuner is one of the industry’s leading tuners that wouldn’t void your vehicle’s warranty.

First and foremost, we have already established that this tuner is a handheld tuner. However, it comes with a high-definition 2.8-inch display colored screen.

Below the screen are buttons users can use to navigate through the different settings on this tuner.

The Superchips 1845 can also serve as a diagnostic tool, making it possible to use this tuner to read and clear trouble codes. In other words, the Superchips 1845 is an all-in-one solution that saves you money.

The faster processor and increased memory come in handy for improved tuning and updating. And to ensure this tuner stays up to date, it features an internet updateable function so that this tuner diagnoses accurately.

Superchips designed this tuner to serve a wide array of functions and offers several adjustable settings, allowing you to fine-tune your engine to taste. With this tuner, users can correct the speedometer for changes in gear ratio and tire size.

The torque management, shift firmness, and shift points are also adjustable with this tuner. Not forgetting, the most important feature of all, the active fuel management control of this tuner helps optimize fuel consumption.

This Superchip F5 Flashpaq comes with a 2-year powertrain warranty.


  • Internet updateable 
  • Fuel management control 
  • 2.8-inch HD color screen 
  • Easy to install 


  • An unnoticeable or slight increase in MPG 

10. DiabloSport 8100 High Quality Dyno Tested Performance Programs Tuner

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews


The DiabloSport 8100 tuner is a high-end model with advanced features such as the built-in diagnostic tool, easy tune, and fast read and writes time. This DiabloSport i3 8100 tuner is a must-have for performance enthusiasts.

Featuring this tuner is the latest generation ARM processor and a high-resolution display LCD screen. DiabloSport designed this tuner with an exceptional touch-responsive screen that makes navigation through the various settings a breeze.

If not for anything, get this DiabloSport tuner for its diagnostic function. With the OBDII connectivity to your vehicle, this tuner can search for any problem with your vehicle and give you tips on how to fix it.

And with over 100 MB of storage space, you can store and record a large amount of data on this tuner.

Installing this tuner comes simple thanks to the easy tune mode. And as a handheld tuner, users can simply store this tuner away when not in use.

More so, DiabloSport designed this tuner with an updateable feature that allows users to connect this tuner to a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS for update installation.

If why you got a tuner in the first play is to get more out of the performance of your vehicle, then this tuner is just right for you.

DiabloSport i3 inTune tuner comes with tunes for every single octane you can get at the pump, including an 87 octane performance tune


  • Internet updateable 
  • OBDII data logging 
  • Easy to install 
  • Affordably priced 


  • Customer service needs improvement 

User Buying Facts of the Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner

Wi-Fi Connectivity

While having Wi-Fi connectivity on a tuner is not very common, you should aim to buy a tuner with this feature. Owing to the advancement we see in technology every day, vehicle tuners need to be updated regularly for optimum performance.

Having to go through the hassle of connecting the tuner to a PC before updating is stressful when you can simply connect the tuner via Wi-Fi for over-the-air updates.

Choosing an F150 EcoBoost tuner that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity will not only make updates easier, but it will also help you save a large sum of money to buy another tuner in case of improvement.


Different tuners come with different display options. Some come with a large display, while others come with a small display. Similarly, some tuners come with a black and white LCD screen, while others are full HD colored.

When buying a tuner for your vehicle, it is important to consider the type of display and the size. However, take note that tuners with an elegant display like a touch-sensitive screen will be more expensive.

Notwithstanding, tuners with a large full-color display screen are clearer to see, read as well as operate.

Easy to Use and Install

Like different manufacturer designs their tuner with distinct design, the ease of using it should also come to mind. There are those tuners that are easy to operate, while there are those that are more complicated to use.

The same goes for the installation process, as some tuners are easy to install others are not so easy. So, when buying an F150 EcoBoost tuner you should also consider the ease of use and installation.

By putting this into consideration, you will not only save time learning how to operate the tuner, but you will also save energy trying to install the tuner.

Compatibility with your Vehicle

Different tuner manufacturers manufacture tuners for different vehicles. As such, there is a need to ensure the tuner you are buying is compatible with your vehicle. For an F150 EcoBoost to be compatible with your vehicle, it must be compatible with your vehicle’s OBDII port.

Additionally, F150 EcoBoost tuners come in different shapes and sizes, which validates the reason you need to make sure they fit perfectly into your vehicle.

Wide Adjustable Settings

And most importantly, aim for a tuner that comes with a wide array of adjustable settings. Tuners with a lot of adjustable settings give you the best flexibility.

After all, the aim of buying a tuner in the first place is to fine-tune different aspects of your vehicle’s engine to match your taste. Some tuner manufacturers even go as far as designing the tuner to also serve as a diagnostic tool that reads and clears trouble codes.

In summary, buy a tuner that allows you a wide array of customizable settings.

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews- Crucial FAQ’s

Q: Is there a reason to tune a Ford F150?

Ans: In all fairness, it is up to every man’s taste. But anyone who has ever driven a vehicle with a proper reprogrammed injection system will unequivocally answer yes.

Tuning an F150 EcoBoost is an affordable way to change the torque and power.

Also, tuning makes a Ford F150 more economical, responsive, and convenient in handling. Adding a tuner to a Ford F150 can help detect errors, reduce the temperature of the fan of the cooling system, and so on.

Q: Can I boost the EcoBoost?

Ans: Ford EcoBoost comes already equipped with high fuel efficiency and turbo power, but the fun doesn’t end there.

Behind the factory-set control lies more power and potential. So, yes, it is possible to boost an EcoBoost with the right tuner.

The quality and pre-programmed tune codes on the tuner can help improve the performance of an EcoBoost tuner without so much as a single problem code popping up.

Q: Can a vehicle be tuned while running?

Ans: Most tuning on any vehicle should be done when the vehicle is off.

While EcoBoost occasionally performs on-road power settings and diagnostic, it is not recommendable to turn it while running.

Trying to tune your vehicle while it is running could result in damage to the vehicle.

Q: What modifications require tunes?

Ans: Aftermarket parts are the most widely modified part by most users. In some cases, a modified vehicle must be tuned before it is being driven.

For instance, a supercharger, or turbo installation will require a tune.

Also, if you have the traction, CAI (cold air intake), or exhaust modified, it is also a good idea to tune your vehicle to the new parameter.

Failure to update your vehicle with the new control system could result in costly repairs.

Final Words

In summary, the benefits of installing an F150 EcoBoost tuner on your vehicle are limitless. The price of tuners varies depending on the functionality of the tuner.

Installing the best F150 EcoBoost tuner means decreasing the extra pressure and hassle. However, this tuner will make the diagnosing process easy and more comfortable.

Eventually, this F150 EcoBoost tuner review could be very helpful if you are looking for the best tuner for Ford F15.

We recommend investing in the tuner you buy to allow you the flexibility to fine-tune a wide array of adjustable settings to your taste.

In our opinion, there is absolutely no reason not to tune your vehicle to its optimum performance.

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