Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash

Jump and fly your way past an endless stream of obstacles in Geometry Dash, a rhythm-based platformer. Dodge obstacles in lockstep with awesome music! Take advantage of special portals to change your speed. Don't mess up, or it's back to the start. With tens of millions of players worldwide, this is one game you can't afford to miss!. Have fun!

Space/Up Arrow = Jump
Hold Down Space/Up Arrow = Multi-jump
UP Arrow = Steer vehicle up
Down Arrow = Steer vehicle down
Don't touch the spikes, or you will have to restart!

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Levels As mentioned above it is a Rhythm-based platform game so it implies the timing and rhythm are related and players have to make moving accordingly. The object of the game is to complete levels by reaching to the end of it and upon completion of level reward/s is earned. There are 21 levels in total out of which 18 are released while three are locked and players by completing levels and earning rewards can unlock them too. Each level contains three "Secret Coins" which are ultimately used to unlock the three-level which are previously locked and by completing achievements in games number of rewards can be earned which makes the game more interesting, challenging, and addictive. Levels in the game are classified on the basis of difficulties which implies that easier levels are first to encounter with and then gradually difficulty level will increase as players get more skilled and used to. Practice Mode Players can also sharpen their skills and make gameplay more professional by practicing in practice mode. In practice, mode players are able to set checkpoints so if they hit the icon/vehicle with the obstacle they can start from the checkpoints they set earlier in the game but one thing that should be kept in mind that level in only be completed in the main game and not in practice mode. The mode is only meant for practicing. Shop Players can also buy things or items in the game (in-game purchasing) with the help of special currency in-game called "Mana Orbs". The paid version of the game enables players to experience the online version of the game where the user-generated level can be played. These players created levels are only available in the paid version of the game players can download or upload their own generated levels. The difficulty of these level are set by the developer of the game and not by the player/s who created it. Create Levels In level creation option the game is featured with options like: Creating Own levels and upload them. Saving downloadable levels. Scoreboard. Quests - For more rewards. Daily Challenges. Weekly Challenges. Gauntlets - These are the level that offers the same rewards and diamonds upon completion. Featured - these are levels that offer exciting gameplay. Hall of Fame - like featured level these levels offer the same, one can play these levels for rewards. Map Packs - These also offers a variety of different players'customized level which are considerably easier than Featured and Hall of fame Levels. Search - An option that allows players to search levels of their choice.
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